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About Donna Fisher - Communication and Negotiation Speaker:

Donna Fisher is a marketing consultant, author and expert on people and how people can best communicate and connect with one another to create opportunities. Her programs are ideal for people who want to increase their business by mastering their people skills and building strong alliances with others.

Donna is the president of both Donna Fisher Presents, a provider of keynotes and trainings for corporate meetings, conferences and conventions, and HiHat Inc., a manufacturing and retail business for drums and percussion instruments. Over 12 years ago she established Donna Fisher Presents in order to fulfill her lifelong desire to teach and inspire people to be all they can be. With her two businesses she combines her love of music and motivation.

Her four books, Power Networking, People Power, Power NetWeaving and Professional Networking for Dummies have been recommended by Time Magazine and used as reference books in corporations and universities.

Donna has trained top and middle management, sales and marketing staffs and support personnel for clients such as Hewlett Packard, JPMorgan Chase, Boeing and Mutual of Omaha.

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What Donna Fisher Talks About:

Whether it’s a national convention, regional sales meeting, or executive retreat, Donna brings to you an energetic platform style and personal commitment to provide energizing and information-packed programs. Her enthusiasm is contagious as she educates, entertains and inspires your people to take positive action in their lives. Donna’s mission is to be a catalyst for people to communicate and relate with respect and dignity and connect with people to make a difference. She provides programs and products for companies who want to bring out the best in their people and people who want to soar to success. Her topics are:

PowerTalk: Communicating with Confidence, Credibility and Clarity

Do you experience power and confidence in your ability to say what you mean, mean what you say and be understood in your communication? Miscommunication or partial communication is the #1 source of problems with co-workers, customers, vendors, and employees. Learn how to develop a defensive-free approach to communicating with others. Learn how to stow your automatic knee-jerk reaction to feedback and suggestions. Learn the difference between assertive and aggressive communication and develop your ability to be straightforward and respectful with your communication. This session gives you the keys to being a masterful communicator.

Drumming Up Business: Being in Tune with Opportunities

Drumming Up Business gets people into action, connecting, communicating and creating opportunities! This program focuses on strategies for keeping your business in tune and in touch with your clients, prospects and customers. Develop a brand statement that enhances your long-term visibility. Upgrade your people skills to be making the most of each and every contact that you make. This is a unique, interactive program guaranteed to be a catalyst for you and your group. Drumming Up Business is a unique, interactive program that combines music and motivation as a catalyst for your participants to connect, communicate and create opportunities.

Powerful Connections: The People Side of Business

The way you connect and relate to others is instrumental in your ability to experience authentic success. Through connecting with people, you create trust, rapport, opportunities and long-term professional relationships. Learn the difference between talking to someone and connecting. Discover how to access the heart of the matter in a conversation. Implement the people skills that will create a positive lasting impression and greater visibility throughout your industry and community. Touch into your own inspiration and ability to build professional relationships that generate customer delight, interested referrals, and influential contacts.

Power Networking: Turning Contacts into Business

Networking skills are used by successful people to market themselves, generate business, and solve problems. In this session, you will learn the steps to building an influential network of professional contacts. Learn the number one reason most people are uncomfortable with networking. Learn how to avoid the three most common networking turnoffs and what not to say when making requests of others. Discover the 5-step criteria for how to create a positive lasting impression with your introduction. Be ready to be inspired and motivated as you discover your natural ability to build professional relationships that will grow into new contacts and opportunities.

Other Topics Include:

  • The Power of Love in Life and Business
  • Straight Talk: Expressing Yourself Powerfully
  • Generate A Buzz: Creating A Network of Opportunities
  • MidLife Calling: It’s Never Too Late to be True to Your Self
  • Getting to the Heart of the Matter
  • People, Power & Possibilities

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