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Few people have developed an expertise in areas that impact everybody, everyday-at home and at work, but that is exactly the case for creator,
, practitioner, world renowned psychologist and New York Times Bestselling author, Dr. Hendrie Weisinger. Giving and taking criticism, managing emotions and responding effectively to the feelings and emotions of others, motivating oneself and
others, resolving conflict through
and handling
, are all emotional intelligence skills, that are part of keynote speaker Dr. Weisinger's expertise that has been recognized and sought by leading business schools, influential government agencies, Fortune 500 Companies, and dozens of professional organizations, such as The Young Presidents Organization.

Author of Emotional Intelligence at Work, The Emotionally Intelligent Financial Advisor, The Emotionally Intelligent Real Estate Agent, Dr. Weisinger's Anger Workout Book, Anger at Work, The Power of Positive Criticism, and the New York Times Bestseller, Nobody's Perfect, Dr. Weisinger has spent three decades helping individuals and their organizations enhance their personal and work effectiveness through innovative applications of clinical, social, organizational, and most recently evolutionary psychology, with the publication of his book, The Genius of Instinct.

His early clinical training and practice provided him the opportunities to decipher the emotional complexities of giving and taking criticism back in the day when feedback was the choice word. His work in this area culminated in his New York Times Bestseller, Nobody's Perfect. The success of this book put Dr. Weisinger in front of executives, managers, supervisors, and line personnel from Corporate America. IBM, AT&T, Merck, Nintendo, Sheraton, Hughes Aircraft, General Electric, Medtronic, KMPG, McDonalds, The Hartford, Prudential, Hyatt, Estee Lauder, and Nabisco are just a small sample which has requested Dr. Weisinger to present his message to their employees. Since Nobody's Perfect, Dr. Weisinger has continually advanced his theory and techniques for giving and taking criticism, his most recent thoughts captured in The Power of Positive Criticism, translated into over a dozen languages.

Always looking for innovative perspectives on human behavior, and always seeming to be ahead of the pack, Dr. Weisinger turned his interest to the evolutionary sciences, particularly evolutionary psychology. His studies in the field that is now called, "the new science of the mind," took him down a path that, when mixed with clinical expertise, provided startling new thoughts and strategies for handling everyday dilemmas that we all encounter at home and at work. His findings and observations are the subject of his most current work, The Genius of Instinct: Reclaim Mother Nature's Tools for Enhancing our Health, Happiness, Family and Work. The book presents many revelations including the fact that we are hardwired for success, man is more successful than animals because we have more instincts not less, and ruled by reason rather than instinct typically spells disaster. This evolutionary perspective has also helped Dr. Weisinger generate novel insights into leadership, marriage, parenting, and work.

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What Dr. Hendrie Weisinger Talks About:

Nerves of Steel
The chances are incalculable that you will ever have to throw a touchdown pass to win the Super Bowl, negotiate in the boardroom with Trump, problem solve on the moon, or have to sing to become America’s idol, but there are numerable times for sure that you are cast into situations, perhaps only momentarily, that are high drama.

For you, it might be the opportunity to give a career changing big presentation. For your son or daughter, it could be SAT day or a Saturday Soccer game. For your Marriage, it could be a crucial conversation. Regardless of the situation, high drama moments like these call for our ability to maximize ourselves so that we can perform our best when it counts the most. Work, marriage, parenting are all daily landscapes that are filled with high drama moments. How to perform your best in pressure situations has been a golden fleece for a long time. Now, for the first time, Dr. Weisinger, has bottled the key facts that allow some people to consistently come through| while others are overwhelmed in the moment and choke.

Nerves of Steel begins by the coining and explaining the world prevalent phenomena, clutch anxiety, a disorder that obstructs millions of adults and children from realizing their best when it counts the most.

Emotional Intelligence Right Now
You and those you work with-might not have been alive the last time the working world was in such a personalized emotional economic environment. Chances are high, for example, that you know someone who has lost a job, or a tidy portion of their retirement fund. Finance, Auto, Banking, Retail, Airline, Construction already know that frustration, anger, anxiety and fear are here, and if many leading economist are correct, dejection, despair, and depression are on the way. It looks like Emotions of distress are here for a while. How do you handle it?

In times like these, your technical expertise may keep you and your organization afloat, but if you want to do better than survive, you better start developing and applying your Nerves of Steel. In today’s environment, it is the safest investment you can make and one that will pay huge dividends.

Accordingly, in this presentation, Dr. Weisinger, perhaps the world’s foremost authority on applying EI, teaches two steps, that help individuals and their organizations reap immediate benefits of EI, to develop nerves of steel now! Utilizing his recognized pioneering and innovative clinical work in the area of emotional management, Dr. Weisinger presents hands on empirically based practical actions that enable the audience to understand what these emotions signify and use the psychological principles that serve to manage them. Specific actions for managing each emotion will be presented in a variety of contexts, such as dealing with angry clients, to bouncing back quickly from setbacks, to managing an anxious team.

The Genius of Instinct
Why are we so often unhappy and unfulfilled? Why do we get into the wrong relationships, take the wrong jobs, and make the wrong choices? Why is outstanding leadership, managing change, and success so elusive?

The answers and the solutions to these everyday plights are revealed by today’s scientists of the mind| evolutionary psychologists who have discovered stunning new lessons about the power of instincts and their capacity to transform lives from merely surviving to actually thriving in every area of life. Dr. Weisinger explains exactly how people can reconnect with these hard-wired behaviors and wisely re-establish the links between our everyday actions and these powerful natural forces. In a step by step and highly learnable fashion, he shows his audience how to strategically use the genius of their instinctual tools, and in doing so, they can thrive personally and professionally.

Instinctual Leadership
Instinctual leadership, a concept derived from Dr. Weisinger’s recent book The Genius of Instinct, presents a dramatic new way of understanding the most important attribute for any organization that desires to thrive, be it a family, company, or country: leadership.

Steeped in the evolutionary sciences, this provocative perspective is based on the growing view that the brain is like a tool box with a collection of instinctual tools that have been designed through the principles of evolution and natural selection to help you solve adaptive problems – problems that every member of every species of every generation-past, present, future- must solve if it is to survive and ultimately thrive. Using your instinctual tools to solve adaptive problems is the essence of instinctual leadership, and according to natural selection, those individuals who can apply their instinctual tools most broadly are the most effective leaders and thereby increase their organization’s ecological niche-the role it plays in its environment, be it financial services, auto, health care, consumer electronics, retail, or service.

Whether you are making a sales call, listening to a customer complaint, giving or taking a performance review, managing a project, confronted with a setback, giving a presentation, playing a round of golf, helping your children with their homework, or driving in traffic, Emotional Intelligence helps you do it better.

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