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About Dr. James Canton - Global Futurist and Business Strategist:

Dr. James Canton is a renowned global global futurist, social scientist, author, and visionary business advisor. As a former Apple Computer executive and high tech entrepreneur, he has been insightfully forecasting the key trends and technologies that have shaped our world. The Economist recognizes him as one of the leading global futurists. He has advised three White House Administrations and over 100 companies.

Dr. Canton is CEO and Chairman of the Institute for Global Futures, a leading think tank he founded in 1990 that advises business and government He has advised three White Houses, over ten nations, and over 100 companies worldwide. A frequent guest of the media, he was named the Digital Guru by CNN and Dr. Future by Yahoo for his insights. Dr. Canton is the author of Future Smart: Managing the Game Changing Trends That Will Transform your World, The Extreme Future: The Top Trends That Will Reshape the World in the 21st Century and Technofutures: How Leading-Edge Innovations Will Transform Business in the 21st Century.

Dr. Canton advises the Global Fortune 1000 on trends in innovation, financial services, health care, population, life sciences, energy, security, workforce, climate change and globalization. From a broad range of industries, clients include: IBM, Tata, Intel, Philips, General Electric, Hewlett Packard, Boeing, FedEx, and Proctor & Gamble.

Recognized as one of the top presenters in the 21st century by Successful Meetings Magazine, Dr. Canton is a highly sought-after keynote presenter. He has spoken to thousands of organizations on five continents. He is noted for his fascinating, informative, dynamic and entertaining keynotes.

A frequent guest of the media, Dr. Canton has been a commentator on CNN, CNBC, Fox, PBS, ABC. Media coverage has included CNBC, Fox, PBS, ABC, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Bloomberg Report, The New York Times, US News and World Report, CEO, CIO and CFO Magazines. His FutureGuru blog and Twitter followers reach a worldwide audience.

Dr. Canton has held a academic appointments at Singularity University at NASA, the Kellogg School of Management, MIT's Media Lab, Europe, the Potomac Institute, and served on the International Advisory Council, Economic Development Board for the State Singapore, been an advisor to the National Science and Technology Council, US Departments of State, Defense and Health and Human Services.

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What Dr. James Canton Talks About:

Future Smart: The Top Trends That Will Shape the Marketplace, Business and Society
Are you Future Ready? This is a sweeping overview of the top trends that will shape the future marketplace and society over the next 5-20 years. From energy, space, climate, tech to health, education and geopolitics this is the most popular keynote based on Dr. Canton’s new book Future Smart.

Exponential Innovations: Managing Future Disruption
What’s next for technology and how will new technologies shape the economy, business and society? This keynote is a tour into Exponential Innovations from the future of robotics, digital, big data, mobile, AI, biotech to the blockchain to security that will shape our world. From nanoscience, biotech, neuroscience to digital find out what’s coming and how to prepare.

Machines That Think: The Good, Bad and Scary of AI
Are you ready for AI economy? Artificial intelligence is fast reshaping business and culture. Machine learning, machine intelligence, neural networks–The rise of thinking machines, from robots to virtual bots is creating new jobs and changing how companies compete. We are fast embracing a world where AI may become smarter then humans sooner then we think. Or not?

The Future of the Blockchain Economy and Cryptocurrency
Digital money is an emerging new asset class that has already surpassed $100 Billion in value. The blockchain, the program that underlies crypto currency is fast becoming a large and important innovation in finance and global business. Find out where the trends are and how to prepare for this shift.

The Innovator’s Mindset
How do leading innovators think? Is there a Innovator’s Mindset that you can learn from Based on a 20 year study on innovation leaders in start ups and enterprises, from Apple, Tesla, Virgin and Google to name a few there is a design science that is at the heart of innovators. Find out how you can harness innovation faster, smarter and more effectively.

The Extreme Future of Healthcare
Dramatic innovations in medicine are reshaping our world. Find out what the leading and future innovations such as Crispr, big data, health apps and bots, health robos, synthetic biology, to predictive medical models to augmentation and human health enhancement that are reshaping healthcare.

AgTech and the Future of Food
Digital disruption is coming to the agriculture and food industry. Vertical farms, the blockchain, robotics, genetics, planet science, agri-genomics, wellness and functional foods represent a new era to feed a hungry world of 9 billion.

The Future of Energy
What is next for energy innovations that may transform our world? From fusion, to the Hyperloop to methane mining on the moon, electric Post Tesla cars to sustainable solar energy harvesting and micro-grids. Ccome discover what’s next for post-oil and clean-tech innovations.

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