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About Dr. Joe MacInnis - Author, Scientist, Deep-Sea Explorer:

Dr. Joe MacInnis is a medical doctor with a lifelong interest in human performance. After graduating from the University of Toronto Medical School, he received a Link Foundation Fellowship to study diving medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

In 1963, he joined the American Man-In-Sea project supported by the U.S. Navy and the Office of Naval Research. During the next fifty-five years, he participated or led sixty science and engineering projects under the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans. His pioneering research in human performance in high-risk environments earned him seven honorary degrees and the the Order of Canada.

Dr. MacInnis has had consulting contracts with the Canadian government, the US Navy, Canada’s Special Forces and the Russian Academy of Sciences. He has written articles on human performance for Scientific American, National Geographic and Wired. He has written ten books; his latest, Deep Leadership: Essential Insights from High-Risk Environments, was published by Random House.

Dr. MacInnis is a motivational speaker. His audiences include Microsoft, IBM, Rolex, Visa, Toyota and the U.S. Naval Academy. He has produced radio and television documentaries for CBC,CBS, National Geographic, IMAX and the Discovery Channel.

For the past ten years, Dr. MacInnis has been studying leadership in life-threatening environments: the deep ocean, the battlefield and outer space. He’s collaborated with marine scientists, military officers and shuttle astronauts to better understand how to enhance human performance in these red-zone regions.

The Covid crisis and climate crisis are life-threatening environments. Driven by his obsession with safety, Dr. MacInnis currently analyzing the factors, including resilience, ingenuity and lateral thinking that will allow us to navigate these red-zone regions.

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What Dr. Joe MacInnis Talks About:

Deep Leadership: How to be a Better, Faster Leader
Dr. Joe was the team leader on two $5-million engineering projects beneath the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. His latest book, Deep Leadership: Essential Insights from High-Risk Environments was based on his experiences on undersea engineering projects and interviews with shuttle astronauts and soldiers serving in Afghanistan. In this visually-driven presentation, he uses dramatic stories to distill what he learned about strategic imagination, the power of language, the strength of stamina and how these three principles make you a better, faster leader in your office or workplace.

Team Genius: How to Accelerate the Genius in your Team
Dr. Joe has worked on high-risk undersea engineering projects with teams from the US Navy, the French and Canadian governments and the Russian Academy of Sciences. In this visually-driven presentation he reveals the team genius needed to pilot a research sub three miles under the ocean, work on a Canadian Special Forces team and spacewalk on the International Space Station. He uses the $30-million James Cameron-National Geographic science dive into the Mariana Trench to examine the primary principles of team genius: deep empathy, deep eloquence and deep endurance and how to use them to accelerate your team’s genius.

Titantic Dreams: The Opposite of Safety
Dr. Joe was the co-leader of a $5-million Imax film expedition to the Titanic and has made two 4|000 metre dives to the Mount Everest of shipwrecks. He was the journalist on James Cameron’s $7-million live-from-the-Titanic broadcast for the Discovery Channel. In this visually-driven presentation, he shows how going too fast . . .ignoring iceberg warnings . . . locking up the binoculars . . . making the wrong turn . . . are metaphors for safety and performance issues in our personal and professional lives. Using real-life examples, he warns against false assumptions, creeping complacency and reveals how vigilance and persistence accelerate safety.



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