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About Dr. Joseph Michelli - Author and Speaker on Customer Service, Client Experience Design, Employee Engagement & Leadership:

Joseph A. Michelli, Ph.D., C.S.P., is an internationally sought-after speaker, author, and organizational consultant - who transfers his knowledge of innovative and exceptional business practices in ways that develop joyful and productive workplaces with a focus on the total customer experience. His insights encourage leaders and frontline workers to grow and invest passionately in all aspects of their lives.

Dr. Michelli is a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, Nielson Bookscan and New York Times #1 best-selling author. His latest book is The Airbnb Way: 5 Leadership Lessons for Igniting Growth through Loyalty, Community, and Belonging. Joseph’s other titles include Driven to Delight: Delivering World-Class Customer Experience the Mercedes-Benz Way; Leading The Starbucks Way: 5 Principles for Connecting with Your Customer, Your Products, and Your People; The Zappos Experience: 5 Principles to Inspire Engage and WOW; Prescription for Excellence: Leadership Lessons for Creating a World-Class Customer Experience from UCLA Health System; The Starbucks Experience: 5 Principles for Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary; The New Gold Standard: 5 Leadership Principles for Creating a Legendary Customer Experience Courtesy of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, and When Fish Fly: Lessons for Creating a Vital and Energized Workplace which was co-authored with the owner of the "World Famous" Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle.

Joseph holds the Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association (NSA) - and is a member of the Authors Guild. He received his Masters and Doctorate from the University of Southern California. Joseph has won the Asian Brand Excellence Award, is an editorial board member for the Beryl Institute's Patient Experience Journal (PXJ) - and is on the founders’ council of CustomerExperienceOne. He was named as one of the Top 10 thought leaders in Customer Service by Global Gurus.

Having journeyed with a close family member through a six-year battle with breast cancer, Dr. Michelli is committed to social causes associated with curing cancer as well as abating world hunger.

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What Dr. Joseph Michelli Talks About:

The Art of Service Professionalism
Who is responsible for creating compelling experiences that draw customers? The short answer is everyone in the business! Dr. Michelli’s presentation challenges each audience member to take ownership of the experiences they provide – to assure long-term viability. By making distinctions involving varying levels of employee engagement (owners, renters, and squatters) – Dr. Michelli helps redefine the role of every employee as an “equity generator.” He demonstrates that every employee affects the engagement level of colleagues – and contributes to positive or negative customer experiences. Dr. Michelli shows how a single employee can change a culture, lift morale, innovate breakthrough products, create customer evangelists – and even save a business. This inspirational presentation is an impassioned yet optimistic call for strong action in rapidly changing times – it is a call for rock-solid execution of customer service standards.

Transforming Your Culture to Drive Customer Engagement, Loyalty, and Referrals
A Harvard Business Review research article suggests that customer experience initiatives are failing – because they are not grounded in cultures of service excellence. In “Transforming Your Culture,” Dr. Michelli looks at how brands like Mercedes-Benz USA create a compelling vision of change urgency, align leaders in pursuit of tangible customer experience objectives, offer technology and process tools to delight customers – and change the internal conversation to discuss the business from the customer’s vantage point. If you are seeking a fundamental shift toward true “customer-centric” execution, this presentation will offer a roadmap and tools for transformational change!

The Road to Practical Innovation
Innovation is a daunting word. In this presentation, Dr. Michelli demystifies the innovative process. By exploring the inside (ideas of staff) and outside (benchmarking other businesses) lanes – Dr. Michelli demonstrates how your business can gain a competitive advantage in creative product development and service delivery. Dr. Michelli shows how to effectively elicit and implement staff-generated ideas – while also looking for best practices both inside and outside of your industry. This presentation also offers structured and advanced innovation strategies that lead to results-based breakthroughs.

Leadership – The Art of Lasting Significance
From Dr. Michelli’s perspective, leadership involves engaging people to do the right things to profit people. While much research has been done on leadership success principles, Dr. Michelli focusses on two unifying aspects of leadership greatness – positive influential communication skills and the ability to develop leaders who develop leaders. Utilizing a leadership legacy model – Dr. Michelli helps managers and leaders understand the importance of finding ways to engage what is likable about those they lead. Further, he guides leaders in the process of understanding that their influence is shaped by both their effort – and by the scope of leaders they develop. “Leadership – The Art of Lasting Significance,” takes participants through a process to define their own personal “Leadership Legacy Statement.”

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Dr. Michelli's ability to relate the experiences of his research with leading edge organizations immediately captured and inspired the audience. Our clients gave us kudos for his insights into the opportunities that exist - to connect all employees to the daily delivery of a company's mission.


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