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  • Organizational Psychologist and Keynote Speaker on Leadership, Teamwork and Organizational Culture
  • Audiences leave with actionable tools they can put to good use following her high customized and interactive presentations
  • Named as one of the top 30 global emerging management thinkers, she is also the author of two best selling books, and a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review, Forbes and Fast Company
  • Past clients include: KPMG, Walmart, RBC, Google, Bayer, IBM, Fidelity, T-Mobile, Salesforce

About Dr. Tasha Eurich - Organizational Psychologist and Speaker on Leadership & Teamwork:

Tasha Eurich is an organizational psychologist, researcher, and New York Times best-selling author. She’s built a reputation as a fresh, modern leadership voice in the business world by pairing her scientific grounding in human behaviour - with a pragmatic approach to professional development.

Over her 15+ year career, she’s helped thousands of leaders, from public company CEOs to early stage entrepreneurs - to improve their self-awareness and success.

She contributes to Harvard Business Review and her work has been featured in outlets like NPR, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes and Fast Company. Her TEDxMileHigh talks have been viewed more than three million times.

Thinkers50 has named her one of the top 30 emerging management thinkers in the world and a top 50 world leader in coaching - and she ranked #13 on the GlobalGurus list of organizational culture experts. Dr. Eurich was also chosen from more than 16,000 candidates as one of Marshall Goldsmith’s “100 Coaches” to advance the practice of leadership with Dr. Goldsmith (recognized as the world’s most influential leadership thinker).

Dr. Eurich’s first book, Bankable Leadership, debuted at #8 on The New York Times best-seller list. Her latest book, Insight, delves into the connection between self-awareness and success. Hailed as a “bold, exhilarating take on self-improvement” by Success Magazine and a “fascinating read” by The Guardian, Insight was named a best book of 2017 by Strategy+Business and nominated for best book of the year by 800CEOREAD.

As a sought-after keynote speaker, Dr. Eurich partners with her clients to deliver:

  • A highly interactive experience that cements learning - and maximizes behaviour change
  • A tightly customized event that addresses the specific pain points of their organization and/or industry
  • Several actionable tools that participants can apply immediately
  • Insight from cutting-edge science translated into bite-sized, easy to digest nuggets

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What Dr. Tasha Eurich Talks About:

Becoming a Future-Ready Leader
For most leaders, the increasing rate of change – at work and in life – is downright dizzying. They face industry disruption, growing to-do lists, shrinking budgets – and the challenge of managing a demographically diverse workforce. And the behaviours that helped them in the past aren’t the same behaviours they will need to succeed in the future.

Fortunately, reveals Dr. Tasha Eurich, the foundational skill of future-ready leadership is also highly learnable. Her research reveals that when leaders make the brave decision to improve their self-awareness, they become empowered to bust through barriers, make better decisions – and engage and motivate their teams.

Through her academic research on the inner workings of thousands of individuals and her career as an elite executive coach – Tasha provides data-backed advice for building and nurturing future-ready leadership (and passing those skills on to others). Participants will leave with several battle-tested tools to improve – and a newfound confidence not just to survive, but thrive, in a constantly changing world.

This program will help participants:

  • Understand the two categories of self-awareness and how they influence our effectiveness, happiness – and change agility
  • Discover the many myths of self-awareness – and learn how to avoid the invisible roadblocks that get in the way
  • Recognize why power decreases self-awareness – and learn a simple tool to get the feedback they need to succeed
  • Understand how self-aware leaders create wildly successful teams – and how to create a culture where people tell the truth

Self-Awareness: The Secret to Building Brand Evangelists
What does it take to turn potential customers into enthusiastic brand evangelists? While it’s common to focus on strategies like customer outreach, marketing campaigns, and social media – studies show that the secret to creating customers for life is recognizing and responding to their emotional needs.

And as it turns out, there is one skill that makes or breaks our ability to do so – the skill of self-awareness. Customer service professionals who know who they are and how they come across, for example, have been shown to perform twice as well as those who don’t.

Dr. Tasha Eurich is an expert in building self-awareness to support the customer experience – she helped one wireless telecommunications company improve their net promoter score by 12 points in just 12 months through her science-backed approach. Participants will discover that increasing their knowledge of who they are and how they’re seen will dramatically elevate their contributions.

This program will help participants:

Discover the three behaviours of self-aware leaders – and the roadblocks that get in our way

  • Understand their values – not just what they are, but how to live them, and in so doing, create enthusiastic brand evangelists
  • Discover why most people don’t get the feedback they need – and a simple process to gather enlightening, actionable feedback from their customers and employees
  • Learn a few new tools to ensure trusting, compassionate interactions with customers

Powering Up: How Self-Awareness Helps Women Advance and Thrive
Self-awareness is the foundational leadership skill of the 21st century. Leaders who know who they are, and how they’re seen by others, are more effective, confident, respected – and promotable. On average, research shows that women tend to be slightly more self-aware than men – yet they continue to be underrepresented in senior leadership roles. So when it comes to self-awareness – why aren’t women’s advantages translating into better gender equity? What lessons from the science of self-awareness might explain this persistent gap? And more importantly, what can women, and those who champion them, do to close it?

In this enlightening and inspiring program, audience members will learn how to overcome the often surprising self-awareness challenges women face, discover how to harness their unique power – and acquire several tools to help them succeed, advance and thrive as leaders.

This program will help participants:

  • Learn why a lack of confidence is rarely the problem for women – and the real issue that causes them to underestimate their contributions
  • Discover and communicate their unique value proposition and defining strengths
  • Learn how to self-reflect in a productive and empowering way – while avoiding self-doubt and self-criticism
  • Understand why women often don’t get good feedback – and learn a technique for even the most senior leaders to learn how they’re seen while deepening their relationships at the same time

NOTE: In addition to the three most requested topics above, Tasha speaks on the content from her New York Times best-selling book Bankable Leadership. Since its release in 2013 – it has become a popular resource for managers who don’t want to choose between motivating their employees and producing bottom-line business results. While the field of leadership development certainly isn’t short on ideas, it doesn’t always foster behaviour change – Tasha’s take on leadership provides a wide-ranging array of practical micro-tools that can be used to improve effectiveness right away. Clients often choose to customize learning events to the specific skills they want to improve in their organization.

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Tasha's fresh and practical approach really connected with my team of engineering and operations leaders. Through an engaging and science-based approach - she was able to make the often 'fuzzy' topic of leadership both practical and learnable.

Xcel Energy

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