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About Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE - CEO (Chief Energy Officer) of The Resiliency Group, Author and Motivational Speaker on Leadership, Change & Resiliency:

Since 1980, Eileen McDargh has helped organizations and individuals transform the life of their business and the business of their life through conversations that matter - and connections that count. She has become known as a master facilitator, an award-winning author, and an internationally recognized keynoter and executive coach.

In 2019, Global Gurus International, a British-based provider of resources for leadership, communication and sales training - ranked Eileen #1 among the World’s Top 30 Communication Professionals following a global survey of 22,000 business professionals.

She draws upon practical business know-how, life's experiences and years of consulting to major national and international organizations - that have ranged from global pharmaceuticals to the U.S. Armed Forces, from health care associations to religious institutions. Her programs are content rich, interactive, provocative and playful - even downright hilarious.

Eileen has written six books and her seventh Burnout to Breakthrough: Building Resilience to Refuel, Recharge, and Reclaim What Matters - will be published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers in the summer of 2020.

Eileen can serve as panel moderator, a facilitator, a keynoter - as well as breakout presenter.

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What Eileen McDargh Talks About:

Radically turbulent times demand professional and personal responses that transcend our regular work and life patterns. It’s not about happy faces on mirrors and mantras on coffee mugs. It’s not about hanging on while holding back. It’s about times when you feel someone ate your cheese, drained the swamp – and went from great to less-than-good. How can professionals cope with change while staying focused on their jobs and organization goals? The answer is resiliency – the ability to find the inner strength to grow through a set-back, challenge or opportunity. Radical resilience requires the courage to challenge, commit – and contribute in ways that positively impact both today as well as many tomorrows.

Based upon the length of the presentation, participants will:

  • Discover how to grow the skills of adaptability, agility, laugh-ability, and alignment – for producing results that put you in control of your ship
  • Learn a four-part model for methodically tackling the tough issues you currently face
  • Explore what great leaders do to inspire teams to stay in the game and thrive – and it has nothing to do with money! Get them energized, actualized, authorized – and gratified
  • Develop a personal legacy leadership goal that defies downturns and disappointments

At the end of the day, you too yearn for a way to let your spirit soar and your gifts shine. The competitive global 24/7 world of heart-stopping competition puts personal energy at risk. We too yearn to connect with new possibilities for people, productivity, profitability – and purpose.


This keynote is based on the premise that transforming our work requires nothing less than transforming ourselves – and together we take a look at four inner skills essential for coaching ourselves along this journey. Our own “work in progress” becomes the touchstone for connecting at a deeper level – with our work mates and our soul mates. As we ease on down this road, we find our wisdom – ah-ha moments and greatest learnings through the context of our lives. This wisdom becomes deeper if it is forged in a furnace fueled with mind, heart and spirit.

You’ll never think of energy in the same way again. Forget OPEC and prices at the pump. Discover your own reservoir of power and purpose – with five tools to drill down into your own internal well of possibilities. Human energy is a priceless commodity. Learn a new formula for E=MC 2. When it comes to energy and the capacity to do work, discover how to get it, renew it – and stop giving it away.

Gather women together and you have an energy source to light even the darkest corners of the world – Eileen puts a match to that energy. We can learn to be heroines of our own story and leaders shaping tomorrow for all our children. This is your time to refresh, realign, reawaken, reflect, refuel, regenerate, rejoice, release, remember and renew.

Participants will learn:

  • About the power of choice
  • To understand the power of who you are, what you know – and what you have done
  • About the power of presence – personal vs. social
  • How to use passion to leverage your career to match your authentic self
  • How to play… and how to help others enjoy their work and world
  • About your purpose: the bigger picture. Why am I here, and what do I leave behind

The “soft stuff” of business is always the hardest part of business.

It’s time to start talking and get back to work! Create a competitive edge in engaging and retaining talented employees and customers – on the most human of playing fields: conversation. Without that connection, there is no energy of engagement. Discover the secret of viewing points, orange batons – and Little Davids in creating teams and fostering loyalty. The latest report from DDI reports that more than 40% of leaders crave soft skills that can help them work better with others.

The results will be:

  • Clear understanding of what energizes employees – and what depletes
  • Connected and cohesive stakeholders
  • Candid conversations that can generate a renewed commitment

Life would be easy if it weren’t for other people! Would you like to turn from mad to glad with your colleagues and customers?

Eileen will show you how.

This session focuses on improving relationships at work through successfully dealing with people. Using humour and examples, Eileen will guide participants through the process of learning how to defuse anger in themselves and others. They will discover how to identify and understand problem behaviour – and how to use systematic methods for handling such behaviours.

Participants will also:

  • Understand techniques for “scripting” and creating rapport
  • Identify the behaviour of difficult people – and personal responses to such behaviours
  • Focus on effective responses to the hostile-aggressive trio
  • Discover the 4-step model for handling anger on and off the phone
  • Learn the difference between difficult people – and people within a difficult situation
  • Identify self-management tools for developing rapport and maintaining inner calm and integrity under pressure

Please note: This session can also be interactive; including role-play, phone practice, etc.

Using a personal communication profile (the DISC), you’ll discover your unique behavioural preferences. You’ll gain insights on where and why relationships grow or suffer. This workshop is designed to open channels for sharing communication preferences – and valuing differences.

With interaction, humour and high content, Eileen will help you walk away with ideas for improving your own communication – while understanding others.

This program provides plenty of ‘meat’ – high content, useful information you can put to work at the office and at home. You will:

  • Learn an easy-to-grasp framework to improve communication skills long after the workshop is over
  • Discover why some people “bug you” – and why you do well with others
  • Find out how to work with peers and bosses using key information on “what makes them tick”
  • Learn how to “sell” different people – differently
  • Understand how to select a dynamic and productive team, valuing individual differences
  • Improve communication skills with clients, colleagues, friends and family
  • Look at every human interaction differently, using new-found knowledge and insight

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Eileen was nothing short of FABULOUS!!! I thoroughly admire her willingness to spend time with conference attendees - to get to know them and dialogue about their issues. I have no words for how outstanding her presentation was and the excellent reviews she received.

Director, School of Nursing & Allied Health, Ventura College

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