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About Eric Bailey - Global Activational Speaker on Motivational Strategies:

As one of the world’s foremost speakers on motivation and vision, Eric Bailey draws on his successful careers in professional sport, executive management and sales. His life experiences have enriched his endeavors and given him a unique perspective that he is now offering to the world. While he had a difficult start growing up in South Central Los Angeles, he has gone on to deliver powerful and inspiring keynotes that speak to every group and gender. In fact, Eric has spoken to more than 3 million people worldwide and is Google ranked No. 1 Activational Speaker. In 2015, he was voted as on of the Top 22 Motivational Speakers in the world.

With over 20 years’ experience inspiring and motivating millions of people, Eric commands a room like no other, leaving his audiences in awe. Whether delivering his message to corporate teams or student groups or conducting personal mentoring and coaching, he is the spark that ignites the passion in each of us. 

Eric holds the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, conferred by the National Speakers Association and the International Federation for Professional Speakers. The CSP label has strict standards and a rigorous five-year certification process during which time speakers must demonstrate both experience and expertise. Less than 10% of all speakers worldwide have this certification and it represents one of the highest achievements possible for a speaking professional.

As a professional basketball player, Eric’s versatility and his ability to do it all made him shine and stand out from the crowd. As a speaker, his wisdom and insight have helped him rise to the top. Two worlds come together to form one being. Eric’s ability to crossover and connect with audiences of all ages and backgrounds makes him one of the world’s most dynamic speakers.

When Eric Bailey’s towering 6'5" frame steps onto the stage, he gives his audiences more than just a presentation; he connects with them on an intense emotional level. Clearly, he is a powerful force both physically and motivationally. Eric customizes all his presentations for the group to whom he is speaking. He immerses himself in his audience’s culture. Using positive energy and wit, he fills the room with an excitement that can be felt immediately and never fades during the course of a talk. His inspirational stories, along with actionable takeaways, make a real difference. Eric has the ability to touch everyone in the room with his openness, authenticity, and passion.

Eric Bailey has participated in many charitable activities and personal areas of public interest. Among them, he is the ambassador of three non-profit organizations including White Ribbon, dedicated to preventing men’s violence against women, Adopt Change, which transforms attitudes and laws affecting adoption, and Nourish Children, that addresses childhood hunger around the world. Together with these accomplishments, Eric has recently been featured in the highly acclaimed World Class Magazine. He has just released his much anticipated first book – Bring Your A Game.

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What Eric Bailey Talks About:

A Winning Attitude

A high-powered injection of attitude and energy! Strap yourself in for a roller coaster ride of humor, emotion and drama. When it’s is over, you’ll disembark with a different attitude to life – an attitude that enables you to rise above the crowd!

In this presentation Eric teaches you or your team the strategies to meet challenges head on, think outside the box, adapt to change, and cultivate passion in everything you do. Brace yourself as Eric helps you identify exactly what is required to create a powerful mindset. Get ready to move boldly in the direction of new heights in personal achievement and accelerated performance. Get the Winning Attitude!

Living Life Through Vision

Whether you’re considering a company made up of thousands or the life of one individual, greatness ultimately begins with one thing… great vision. Eric teaches the incredible power of vision. Drawing on the wisdom of notable visionaries and his own inspirational life story, Eric leaves audiences rapt with the message he delivers in this one of a kind program. Find out how to create an empowering vision for yourself|.. your business|.. your team|.. and put it into action!

Ready, Set . . . Activate!

Are you ready for activation?! More than idle motivational platitudes, Ready, Set|… Activate! is a powerful program that guarantees a fresh outlook on life. Unlike simple motivation, which often comes solely from external rewards, activation means getting you switched on from the inside! This program takes a holistic approach to motivation, focusing on mind, body, spirit and the connections between them. Participants leave supercharged, ready to take immediate action in the direction of their dreams!

This keynote is an infusion of life for businesses and organizations. Self-motivated and energized team members means higher team productivity and increased effectiveness. Eric incorporates plenty of physical activities and activational tools into this inspiring and transformative program. Adaptable to the unique considerations of every group, Ready, Set|.. Activate! participants enjoy the group cohesion that Eric instills while learning the power of activation!

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