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About Eric Saperston - Critically Acclaimed Film Director and Producer, Author, Speaker and Storyteller:

Eric Saperston is a critically acclaimed film director and producer, successful author, as well as an award-winning speaker and storyteller. A prolific public speaker, Eric has inspired people the world over.

Eric is Chief Creative Officer of Live In Wonder, a global lifestyle company on the cutting-edge of communication, film and interactive events designed to cause and create wonder in the world. Live In Wonder celebrates eco-friendly practices, social entrepreneurism and global citizenship. 

Eric's audiences include Nike, Million Dollar Round Table, Coca-Cola, Wachovia, General Mills, Kaiser Permanente, Hilton, Toyota, as well as Harvard, MIT, Emory, Georgia Tech, Duke, Stanford, UCLA, Miami of Ohio, San Diego State and Notre Dame. 

He has been a featured guest on The Today Show, CNN, CNN Headline News, PBS and has been interviewed and published in The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Spin Magazine, Fast Company and National Geographic.

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What Eric Saperston Talks About:

What It Takes To Be Extraordinary
This signature keynote address wows audiences with refreshing wisdom, humor and inspiration he has acquired cold-calling the most powerful people in the world and taking them out for coffee. His journey explores in depth the common traits, motivating factors and guiding principles which enable everyday people to produce extraordinary results.

Eric’s keynote illustrates how tenacity, resourcefulness, and asking powerful questions drive innovation, build strategic partnerships, create customer loyalty, increase sales and inspire long-lasting success. 

This inspiring keynote will address how:

  • Extraordinary people do not let their past, or the opinions of others, determine their present and future success. Nor do they settle for “acceptable” or even “good”. They insist on being “extraordinary”.
  • Extraordinary people are doers, not talkers. They don’t wait for conditions to be perfect before taking action. They do what they can, with what they have, where they are, evaluate effectiveness, modify behavior and adapt to change quickly.
  • Extraordinary people are impeccable with their words, rigorous with their communication and masters of the art of enrollment.
  • Extraordinary people conduct their lives based on clearly defined guiding principles.
  • Extraordinary people know that success leaves footprints; therefore, they model the behavior of those who have already succeeded.
  • Extraordinary people thrive during times of challenge, change and adversity. They see failure, setbacks and struggle as opportunities to grow, learn and innovate.

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A year after bringing Eric Saperston to the Coca-Cola Company, people are still thanking me for sharing this powerful story of leadership, vision and perseverance

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