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About Greg Schwem - Corporate Comedian & Motivational Speaker:

HuffPost calls Greg Schwem, “Your boss’ favorite comedian.” That’s because Greg’s clean, razor-sharp wit and family-man stage presence has made him a favorite for corporate audiences worldwide, whether performing live or virtually. More than just a speaker, Greg is also a best-selling author, nationally syndicated humor columnist for the Chicago Tribune and award-winning greeting card writer. What, you’ve never heard of the prestigious Louie Awards?

As a business humor speaker and corporate emcee, Greg’s clients have included Microsoft, McDonald’s, Southwest Airline and even the CIA. During the pandemic of 2020, businesses in need of humor and motivation for their stressed-out workforces turned to Greg and his uplifting virtual keynote, You Can’t Quarantine Laughter.

When Greg travels, he often stays at Airbnb and other “home sharing” properties, treks that have resulted in a hilarious, ongoing web series, A Comedian Crashes Your Pad, winner of a Telly Award honoring outstanding broadcast content in the Television/Travel&Tourism category. The series is available on Apple TV, Amazon and Roku.

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What Greg Schwem Talks About:

Work, Laugh, Repeat
Perfect for any group that needs a humorous break from the serious side of business.  In spite of its therapeutic qualities, laughter is often absent from the business environment.  Greg shows it is possible to laugh at work and about work.  Audience members will put down their iPads and Blackberries and laugh along with Greg as he good-naturedly discusses topics such as Smart Phone abuse, social network overload, never-ending conference calls, “frequently” asked questions, and home office workers. His preparation includes company web site research, phone conferences and maybe even a personal visit!

You Can’t Quarantine Laughter

Is COVID-19 funny? Absolutely not. But Greg Schwem also knows people turn to humor to cope with tragedy and hardship.  Which is precisely why he developed the hilarious keynote, You Can’t Quarantine Laughter.  Performing live or virtually, Greg introduces audiences to the Five Stages of a Pandemic: Fun, Creative, Panic, “Meh” and Normal.  Then, using examples from businesses who used innovative means to cope during the quarantine, and his own experiences coping with a changing career path, he shows how humor can be a powerful weapon in dealing with a new normal.  One virtual audience member summed up the presentation: “100 percent pure awesomeness!”

Rock, Roll and Laugh Your Way to the Top
Greg Schwem knows a thing or two about rock and roll. As a comedian who has opened concerts for stars ranging from Keith Urban, to Celine Dion, to Enrique Iglesias to (wait for it) KC And the Sunshine Band, Greg has seen how rock and roll is really a business. Like your business. In short? Every company and employee has “rock star” potential. Greg shows you how to achieve that potential in a presentation that combines hilarious comedy, live concert footage and a musical soundtrack featuring everything from classic rock to country to techno. Topics include “Why Every Office Needs a Keith Richards|” “Are you Team Taylor or Team Kanye?|” and “Don’t Let Your Company Become a Country Song.” Rock on!

Meeting Emcee/Video Host
A good emcee needs to multitask. He must keep the event moving, be adept at improvisation and work efficiently with all participants onstage. Greg Schwem has hosted everything from a one-hour awards ceremony for 200 BAE Systems engineers to a three-day conference for 6|000 McDonald’s restaurant managers, to a virtual webinar for IBM customers. He is equally at ease chatting with a company CEO live on stage, pronouncing (correctly) the names of awards recipients, or conducting humorous on-camera interviews with meeting attendees.


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