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About Gregg Lederman - Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Global Employee Engagement & Leadership Expert:

Gregg Lederman is a highly acclaimed speaker, New York Times best-selling author. Over the past 20 years, Gregg has worked with tens of thousands of business leaders and managers to implement lasting leadership and employee engagement solutions.

The results speak for themselves:

  • Over the past decade, Gregg’s clients have witnessed more than 90% employee engagement – nearly three times the national average
  • More than 65% of Gregg’s clients have been noted on “best place to work” lists, either in their region, their industry or on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For annual ranking

He is the author of three award-winning books and is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling author. His newest book, CRAVE: You Can Enhance Employee Motivation in 10 Minutes by Friday™ has been credited by many executives as “life changing” for those who want to become better leaders.

In addition to being a sought-after, highly engaging keynote speaker and author, Gregg has served for over 18 years as a professor at the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester. He teaches executive MBAs how to become more effective and trusted leaders in his course: Leading Organizational Change.

Gregg lives in Rochester, New York, with his wife, Karyn, and three wonderful daughters.

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What Gregg Lederman Talks About:

CRAVE: You Can Enhance Employee Motivation in 10 Minutes by Friday™
Many leaders and managers are stressed at work like never before. Too much to do, too little time, and too many distractions. But not everyone is struggling… some have figured out how to create a better place to work where employees are happier, more motivated, and more productive. One where employees are highly engaged and customers have a more consistent experience, leading to more profitable business results.

More than 65% of Gregg Lederman’s clients are on a “best place to work” list. In addition, his clients witness nearly three times the amount of employee engagement than their competitors. This is not by chance. It is by design. There is a recipe for this success that is simple and easy to put into practice. The recipe? Give people what they CRAVE!

Eighty-plus years of research has proven that humans CRAVE three things that enable them to become more motivated:

  • Respect: Help me feel respected for the work I do
  • Purpose: Show me how what I do has purpose, makes a difference, and is relevant to the organization
  • Relationship: Help me build stronger connections with people, especially my immediate manager/supervisor

The audience is introduced to the power of strategically recognizing employees as a way to reduce stress and fuel the work environment with what employees CRAVE. Using real-life case studies with financial impact and highlighting compelling realities managers can relate to, audiences will walk away with a few leadership techniques and feel inspired to put them into practice.

Lederman says, “We, as humans, love recognition, but we struggle to give enough of it. Whether we want to admit it or not, recognition plays a huge role in our everyday work lives – in our happiness, well-being, and working relationships. Learning to strategically recognize employees is the most effective and efficient way to give people what they CRAVE. Doing so leads to accelerated improvements in employee engagement and the work culture, which together inspire a more consistent customer experience.”

In this highly interactive keynote, supervisors, managers, and executives commit to the 10 Minutes By Friday™ habit for giving people more of what they CRAVE! In return, they become better managers and leaders who are able to achieve the business results that matter most to their team, department, and/or organization.

Increase Engagement, Increase Profits
Every organization wants to get and keep more profitable customers. Building a work culture with highly engaged employees helps drive this purpose. But, until now, leaders have struggled to quantify culture and monetize the impact of employee engagement on critical business metrics.

Leaders attending this session will walk away understanding the key steps to assessing and proving the significant financial impact employee engagement has on their organizations. During this presentation, Gregg Lederman will introduce the “360° View” that links employee engagement to customer, employee, and financial metrics that directly impact revenue-generating and cost-reducing goals.

Attendees will leave this session armed with information and data needed to drive change within their teams and organization. They will know how to:

  • Document specific, observable behaviors that lead to more engagement among their workforce
  • Identify the most significant people problems that impact employee engagement
  • Quantify the cost associated with a lack of employee engagement
  • Discover simple ways to create more engagement tied directly to business goals

Live the Brand!
Think about the companies you love to do business with. What’s their secret? These companies have cracked the code for how to “live the brand” consistently. They tend to get and keep more profitable customers and they do so with a workforce that is highly motivated and committed… more ENGAGED! This does not happen by chance; it is by design.

In this highly interactive presentation, Gregg takes his audience on a journey to explore what employee engagement looks like including the financial impact when engagement is high and the dire consequences when it is low. In addition, Gregg introduces the Living the Brand System as a way to not only define the expectation for living the brand, but also reinforce it with powerful reminders. The methods shared have helped more than 65% of Gregg’s clients become recognized as “Best Places to Work.”

Real-life case studies are used to highlight compelling realities that managers can relate to. Audiences will walk away feeling inspired and confident in their knowledge of how to re-engage employees and create a culture focused on Living the Brand!

Participants will sprint forward having learned how to:

  • Determine how engaged their workforce is
  • Define behaviors that will bring their brand (core values) to life
  • Take specific actions to improve the motivation and commitment of the workforce
  • Use hundreds of powerful reminders to reinforce expectations and create a culture of accountability for consistently living the brand
  • Show real ROI by quantifying the work culture and linking it to critical financial results

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The most well-received presentation we’ve ever had. He produced positive energy in a commonsensical and entertaining way.

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