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About Harry Beckwith - Marketing and Client Service Speaker:

Harry Beckwith is an internationally acclaimed speaker who has worked with 23 Fortune 200 companies and is the marketing and branding consultant to the world's premier brand consultancy. He has appeared on CNN, given keynote addresses to Microsoft, Disney, and ABC, and authored the international business bestseller, Selling the Invisible, which was named one of the top ten business and management books of all time. His subsequent Business Week bestsellers on customer service, The Invisible Touch and What Clients Love, brought his total sales worldwide to over 700,000 copies in 23 languages. Other bestselling books by Harry Beckwith are You, Inc. and Unthinking.

Harry Beckwith is the founder and director of Beckwith Partners. Beckwith Partners advises financial and professional service clients on positioning, branding, consumer retention, communication strategies, and technology. The firm's work has been featured in Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Inc., Advertising Age and AdWeek, and has won The American Marketing Association's highest honor, the Effie.

Drawing on 25 years experience with service industry organizations and extensive work with many Fortune 500 companies, Harry shares anecdotes and new approaches that help organizations reach new heights. Using unique examples, Harry clearly isolates the four keys to growing a service business in presentations that are sincere, engaging, witty, moving, and in the end, enormously inspiring.

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What Harry Beckwith Talks About:

Attracting prospects, converting prospects into clients, and helping clients become loyal partners, Harry Beckwith shows audiences the best ways to grow business in today’s competitive environment. Using real-life examples of his successful groundbreaking strategies, Beckwith provides the practical steps needed to establish and nurture enduring relationships with customers.

Popular Topics Include:

You, Inc: The Art of Selling Yourself
Every key moment in business involves a sale, and the first thing great salespeople sell is not their company or their product. It’s themselves. But how do you sell yourself? Beginning with a remarkable event that demonstrates “the relationships trumps quality, price, brand–everything!” Harry highlights seven key areas of focus, with implementable suggestions for earning respect before you meet, communicating “stickier” messages, and making every person feel comfortable and important–the two key emotions you must satisfying. “Unbelievable|” one fan responded–and thousands agree. 50 minutes to two hours.

Selling the Invisible
This customized-to-each client presentation on sales has earned perfect scores from over 92% of audience members worldwide. Using a memorable storytelling style (“humans learn through stories”) and examples–Pulp Fiction, the mysterious success of Yahoo!, Why ugly kittens sell like cute puppies, Pablo Picasso, and many Fortune 200 clients and start ups– Harry demonstrates the four key steps to winning business in a presentation that clients have called “mesmerizing|” “brilliant” and “electrifying.” 

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I have never heard a presentation as informative and inspiring.

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