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About Harry Freedman - Corporate Comedian and Emcee:

Harry Freedman is perhaps the only individual ever to have been profiled in the business sections of The New York Times, Miami Herald, Newsday - and the International Herald Tribune. Harry Freedman will create the perfect fake industry expert for your group; and he'll have everyone fooled until they are roaring with laughter. With nearly three decades of professional comedy experience, from the clubs of Las Vegas to the corporate boardroom - Harry Freedman is a comic you can trust. As a speaker, he has performed for hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies, and is frequently rated "best speaker" at conferences. Harry's presentations promote friendship and teamwork. Strangers instantly connect, co-workers come closer - and barriers of rank take a break. There's a glow that remains and fosters better communication and cooperation.

As a stand-up comedian, Harry is often opening for Ray Romano; has appeared on Everybody Loves Raymond - and was a staff writer for Caroline's Comedy Hour. Harry has also written and directed a short film 30 Minutes - which received terrific acclaim at the NY Independent Film Festival.

Bringing in Harry to play the part of an industry expert or newly hired executive. He starts off for real, but after a few minutes of his outrageous quips, everyone realizes they've been had - and they love it!

Each of Harry's put-ons is completely customized to the client's need and situation. Sometimes the spoof takes the form of poking fun at a general topic you agree on with Harry; sometimes it's poking fun at specific people that you and Harry select. In either case, you can rest assured it will be a hit with your group.

Nothing refreshes a group better then laughter - as everyone emerges re-energized, ready to tackle new challenges. From planning to implementation, from completion to beginning, or from work to relaxation - it's the perfect way to refocus a group on new goals or activities.

In addition, corporate audiences enjoy Harry's video shorts, where he interviews selected attendees (in character), to create a hilarious 8-10 minute piece played following his presentation - as well as his humorous videographies of entire conferences. So when you think of finding the right performer to give your people a laugh-fest - they will love and thank you for, two key words make all the difference: Harry Freedman!

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What Harry Freedman Talks About:


In times of economic uncertainty like now, Harry Freedman has developed some sure fire ways to keep your budget in check. Paying your taxes is for suckers. Do your kids really need an allowance? The wealthy are suffering too – I cut the heat in my mansion from 85 to 82!

The incredible growth of both countries and their effects on the U.S. economy has made this a very hot topic. Harry recently portrayed a White House envoy to India and China in New York – for 500 alumni of India’s prestigious Institute of Technology.

As a former campaign advisor, Harry reveals the inside secrets behind candidates decisions.

Business Expert
Real Estate
Job Placement
Health Care
Posing as a Legal Expert
Posing as a Food Industry Expert
Credit Card

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Harry, you captivated our audience of some 800 people - you had them laughing and repeating your comments all week long at the conference.


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