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About Jane Blaufus - Best-Selling Author and Keynote Speaker on Courageous Conversations:

As a catalyst for Courageous Conversations, Jane Blaufus uses a combination of both compelling storytelling, at times heart-wrenching, at times laugh out loud funny, and offers a wealth of knowledge and insights to deliver presentations that are sure to ignite your audience and leave them wanting more.

Jane brings to the table 25+ years of financial services expertise as a financial advisor, sales manager and executive responsible for the development, delivery and implementation of recruiting and selection processes and sales and marketing training to thousands of people in the sales force. Today she is the Principal of The Blaufus Group Inc., based in Toronto, Canada, and is a frequent guest expert on national TV/Radio.

Jane has been on both sides of the table, first, as a financial advisor delivering the cheques and later as a beneficiary receiving the cheques. In less than sixty-seconds, her life turned upside down when she became a widow with a twelve-year-old daughter, and a financial tsunami coming her way after her 39-year-old husband was killed in a tragic accident. A veteran of the financial services industry she had foolishly thought that if anything happened to her she would be better prepared than others would be -- Wrong!

Today she is the best-selling author of the book With the [Stroke] of a Pen: Claim Your Life and openly shares her story to support advisors, the financial services industry and companies in their quest to help their prospects, clients and employees to have the Courageous Conversations to get one’s personal and financial lives in order while they can. Her book and comprehensive planning binder have become acclaimed as two of the most comprehensive, actionable, personal and financial planning resources available today for families, individuals and business owners alike.

Her reputation and expertise make her an influential coach to many sales professionals and business owners. Jane believes that to excel in today's marketplace, the key to success is relationship building and she walks the walk and talks the talk.

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What Jane Blaufus Talks About:

Courageous Conversations
Suddenly widowed, with a twelve-year old daughter and a financial tsunami coming her way after the tragic death of her husband, Jane knows first-hand how important having a solid financial plan in place is to one’s overall survival.

In this powerful presentation, that will have you in tears one minute and laughing out loud the next, she will share her story of loss, coming through the darkness and out the other side to live and love again. Join her as she shares through the eyes of a beneficiary her own experiences, tips and strategies to help people to have the right ‘courageous conversations’ with their loved ones before it is too late!

This program is perfect for:

  • Financial Services Industry
  • HR Departments and Companies
  • Women Entrepreneurs

Mental & Financial Well-Being
Mental Wellness & Financial Wellness go hand in hand and as a society we are talking more about mental health in the workplace but we also need to be discussing financial wellness. In surveys where they ask employees what causes you stress, the answer that tops the charts is consistently personal finance.

In a recent survey conducted by a large company, they found three of the top four stressors are:

  • Personal and household finances (45%)
  • Budgeting (32%)
  • Unexpected finances (31%)

As well, one-third of respondents reported feeling insecure about their overall financial health.

Personal finance gets into our life; it gets into our sleep, into our self-esteem, into our relationships.

In this presentation, Jane will offer up important insights, tips and strategies as to what is important for professionals, companies, business owners and individuals alike, to keep top of mind when working to help minimize this stress and create a healthy balance between mental and financial well-being.

This program is perfect for:

  • Financial Services Industry
  • HR Departments and Companies
  • Women Entrepreneurs

Women & Wealth
There is a changing face of wealth in North America. Moving forward, women will represent an increasingly influential segment within the Wealth Management market.

Here are just a few important things to know about this emerging market:

  • 70% of women will change their husband’s advisors within one year of the death of their spouse/partner
  • 90% of women will be required to play the role of sole financial decision-maker at some point in their lifetime
  • By 2026, women in North America will control close to half of all accumulated financial wealth

In this presentation, Jane will offer up important insights, tips and strategies for financial professionals and individuals to keep top of mind when working together to build solid trust relationships to not only build wealth but more importantly to preserve it.

This program is perfect for:

  • Financial Services Industry
  • Women Entrepreneurs

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Jane was the keynote speaker at our Life Brokerage Exchange where she shared a real world experience about the great work that Financial Advisors do to cover the risks that families face. She also provided great tips to use when attracting and developing relationships with Advisors. I highly recommend Jane!

Senior Vice President, AIG

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