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About Jason Tharp - Award-winning Keynote Speaker, Author, and Illustrator:

Jason Tharp challenges the status quo of the impossible to inspire audiences to embrace their authentic selves and work together towards success. Through his unique storytelling abilities and team-oriented approach, Jason delivers engaging and dynamic speeches at conferences across the country, sharing his own broken impossibles that include surviving brain cancer, obesity, negative self-talk, and self-doubt. His work focuses on leadership and self-leadership, encouraging individuals and teams to overcome challenges and pursue their full potential.

Jason Tharp is a best-selling children's book author, including "The Best You!" and "It's Okay To Be A Unicorn!". His books inspire self-leadership and inclusivity, while encouraging creativity and self-acceptance. Jason is also working on "Love, Future Me," inspired by his experience with glioblastoma. His unique approach to storytelling emphasizes collaboration and encourages readers to embrace their unique qualities and work together towards a common goal.

Jason Tharp has delivered numerous keynotes since 2015, providing audiences from schools to conferences with a blueprint to break their own impossibles.

 Jason Tharp has earned a reputation as a trusted source of dynamic and impactful leadership advice for high-level companies. He is renowned for inspiring audiences to break through their own impossibles while emphasizing teamwork and self-leadership. Jason's speeches inspire audiences to stay focused, committed, and to never accept the impossible.

Jason's interactive speaking style uses personal storytelling to inspire audiences to self-reflect on their own experiences. He creates a bridge of empathy through vulnerability, using a “H.O.P.E.” acronym to provide audiences with a “Power-Up” to stay focused on their goals. Jason's keynotes are empowering, with moments of laughter, tears, and joy that have a transformative effect.

Jason is a trailblazer who has defied the odds and shattered barriers in his personal and professional life. His inspirational journey of overcoming impossibles and achieving success against all odds has inspired many. Jason has accomplished remarkable feats in his career as a storyteller and inspirational expert, but he believes that his greatest achievements lie in his life's highest moments.

 Successful organizations and companies like Better Business Bureau, Novocure, Sonova, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, NRG, LLS, Ohio Health, Best Buddies, and MacMillan each year invest in Jason’s message and teachings, booking him again and again.

 He has been featured on many of the major media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, USA Today, Washington Post, The Hill, HuffPost, CBC, The Independent, all major local news channels across the country, as well as many podcasts and radio shows have interviewed him about his story. Jason has also written many op-ed pieces for numerous media outlets.

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What Jason Tharp Talks About:

Empowered Leadership: H.O.P.E. The Spark of Transformation
Through mastering resilience, teams and individuals will learn to turn barriers into bridges, fueling growth, success, and a culture of collaboration. This fosters not just professional, but also personal evolution.

Ignite the spark, embrace the journey, and create a world where every challenge becomes an opportunity.


Inspirational Leadership: Reinventing Boundaries
Join Jason on a life-altering journey, learning to transform perceived limitations into empowering catalysts. He provides you with a new mindset and tools to turn barriers into stepping stones, fueling you to reach unprecedented heights. This is your chance to learn from a stalwart optimist, who truly demonstrates that with unwavering determination, nothing is out of reach.

Elevate your leadership – Reinvent Boundaries, Redefine Possible.


Survivor Leadership: Lessons Learned from Brain Cancer
Through mastering resilience, teams and individuals will learn to turn barriers into bridges, fueling growth, success, and a culture of collaboration. This fosters not just professional, but also personal evolution.

 Unleash Resilience – Rewrite Your Narrative, and Foster a Future of Purpose and Passion.


Self-Driven Leadership: Unmasking Your Authentic Self
As a self-leadership expert, Jason empowers audiences to proactively shape their lives and futures. He shares tools for self-reflection and resilience, guiding individuals

to identify strengths and growth areas. This transformation benefits both personal lives and organizational dynamics, fostering collective growth.

Empower Your Future – Shape Your Life, Harness Your Strengths, and Foster Collective Growth with Self-Leadership.

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    Jason is a highly compelling speaker and his enthusiasm and positivity is simply contagious. When you’re in the same room with him, you feel like anything is possible. And he proves to you that it really is!


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