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About Dr. Jim Rogers - Investment Expert and Speaker:

Always keeping an eye out for untapped profits, Jim Rogers, who was once described as the Indiana Jones of finance, used a trip to seek out new opportunities and make bold conclusions about the global economy and investment strategy.

On New Year's Day 1999 in an Icelandic blizzard, Jim Rogers and his fiancé started out on their epic journey - a journey that would take them 152,000 miles through 116 countries in three years. After driving through war zones, deserts, jungles, epidemics and blizzards, narrowly escaping some very dangerous situations and camping with nomads and camels under starlit skies, Jim began to see the real world through his own eyes - economically, politically and socially. A roller coaster ride, Jim's story takes audiences on a journey where they feel exhilarated, surprised to still be alive, wondering where to go next, and still wanting to hear more...

After completing his bachelor's degree at Yale University, Jim Rogers won a scholarship to Oxford University in England. Following his stint there, which included his coxing the world-famous Oxford rowing crew, Jim spent some time in the Army and then headed straight for Wall Street. Once there, he co-founded The Quantum Fund, a global investment partnership. After 10 profitable years when the portfolio gained 4,000% while the S&P rose less than 50%, he decided to retire, at the age of 37. But he would not remain idle.

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What Dr. Jim Rogers Talks About:

In a presentation by renowned investment expert Jim Rogers, audiences experience a story that is part adventure, part travel, part romance and part finance.

Continuing to manage his own portfolio, Rogers served as a Professor of Finance at Columbia University Graduate School of Business and was a regular media commentator. At the same time he laid the groundwork for his lifelong dream, an around-the-world motorcycle trip: more than 100|000 miles across six continents. That journey became the subject of Rogers’ first book, the bestselling Investment Biker and set the Guinness World Record. His book Adventure Capitalist delves further into the combination of adventure and investing.

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