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About Jonathan Gabay - Acclaimed author, lecturer, and broadcaster:

Jonathan Gabay uses wit, insight and thought leadership to tackle thought-provoking topics critical to your audience:

  • Will AI take my job?
  • Does AI erode brand authenticity?
  • Can prompt engineering boost digital campaigns?
  • How to mitigate risks of AI marketing.
  • Preparing for the AI-driven 5th Industrial Revolution.
  • Identifying and combating AI propaganda.

Gabay's keynotes engage and enlighten audiences. A respected voice on major global media outlets, he shares unrivalled insights on brand reputation, digital marketing, and emerging AI. An ideal host for high-level conferences, Gabay understands the real-world issues facing modern companies and consumers.  He also advised major educational bodies on the use of AI in education.

Publishing pioneering research on digital marketing psychology and AI in 2024, Gabay is at the forefront of prompt engineering. For audiences focused on mental health, Gabay expertly tackles "ambiguous loss" and workplace well-being. A portion of his mental health keynote fee is donated to leading mental health charities.

Jonathan is author of Reinvent Yourself and an international creativity and marketing expert. He is renowned for his creative thinking, copywriting, motivational and advertising skills, and is a contributor to media outlets such as the CBC on marketing, the Internet, handling change, commercialism and psychology.

Jonathan is one of the world's most dynamic independent advisors and practitioners on creativity, viral marketing, copywriting, direct response marketing and integrated business dynamics. Endorsed by the world's biggest marketing training institute, the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Gabay is the author of major internationally published books.

Recent Worldwide Clients Include TetraPak Ukraine, Shell, Vipnet, GJ Sheppard BI Worldwide, and many others.

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What Jonathan Gabay Talks About:

Creativity and marketing guru Jonathan Gabay has addressed some of the most influential audiences in the world. His public speaking events are invariably entertaining, consistently motivating and definitely inspiring. Jonathan delivers fascinating and entertaining talks on cutting-edge topics including: reinventing companies and individuals, understanding brands, marketing communications, creative thinking and motivation.

Popular Topics Include:

Neuro-selling reveals how the brain’s processing patterns can inform sales strategies and so achieve sales growth. By understanding the mechanics of the mind and how buyers make decisions, it’s possible to create sophisticated sales campaigns that buyers instinctively respond to.

Much as we’d like to think that when buying, we make rational, logical decisions, the latest research shows our brains are actually driven by emotions and expressive experiences. Even seemingly rational decisions are driven by emotional judgements, which are then post-rationalised. The implications for salespeople are clear. It’s time to establish positive brand recall and emotions around you, your organisation and products or services. Then, when faced with a choice, a buyers’ subconscious will encourage them to choose you than your competitors – even if they believe they are acting completely rationally.


  • Why today’s sales strategies often lack the sophistication to win over savvy buyers.
  • How emotion drives even the most rational buying decisions.
  • How to influence a buyer’s subconscious to make selecting you over your competitors, the natural choice.
  • Why traditional sales attention grabbing activities are proving to be hype over sustained customer sales.
  • Why holding attention and engaging people emotionally is key to changing subconscious behaviour.
  • How the five neural senses can turn passive prospects into passionate buyers.
  • How making your advertising likeable dramatically increases its effectiveness.
  • How to optimise the frequency of messages to capitalise your advertising spend.

The Magic of Marketing
This fast-paced talk uncovers the latest thinking in marketing psychology and strategy combined with a mind-boggling series of mentalism magic! Entertaining, yet highly instructive, this is the perfect event to de-mystify the complexities of marketing, whilst confounding your audience with some spectacular mentalism routines.

The Five Thousand Year Old Secret They Don’t Teach You at Business-School
Work-life balance issues have become so prominent that entire life coaching cottage industries have sprung up as if from nowhere. Yet, there is one school of reinvention that has been established for over five thousand years. Now some of the most intriguing and insightful lessons from medieval philosophy have been adapted for today’s fast-moving workplace.

This enthralling talk uncovers techniques that simultaneously challenge self-doubt facing anyone in business, whilst encouraging delegates to reach higher levels of creative ingenuity.

Your Brand – Your Reputation
Managing and developing brands and reputation is vital for any organisation. By showing how to plan and realise a clear and consistent brand message, this riveting talk delivers meaning to your brand beyond understanding technical guidelines.

Your audience is divided into groups and given a series of ethical challenges to consider when dealing with extreme cases of reputation management. The groups are then invited to present their views on how such challenges should be tackled – often leading to a heated debate. Totally interactive, the talk can also be extended to look at the often-hilarious differences between branding on both sides of the Atlantic; asking if brand globalisation can really work on a locally.

Reinvent Yourself
Reinvent Yourself is an international publishing success story. It is published in Russian, Chinese and of course English. Now adapted as a breath-taking motivational event, Reinvent Yourself will get your team literally on their feet to join as a unified force which sustains your organization’s key beliefs whilst enhancing an individual sense of self-confidence and worth.

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You were incredible. I think your message is timeless, we can never be reminded too often that we really are in control of our lives and can choose to do anything we wish

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