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About JP Nicols - Internationally Recognized Thought Leader, FinTech Influencer, Authority on Innovation, Business Strategy, and Leadership:

JP Nicols is a top-rated keynote speaker and is internationally recognized as an authority on innovation, strategy and leadership. His work has been featured in leading publications, and he has spoken at numerous conferences, panels, and events across the globe.

JP is Managing Director of FinTech Forge, and was founder of the Bank Innovators Council, which is now a part of Next Money. He is creator of the first comprehensive FinTech and innovation program for graduate banking students, and also a top-rated instructor for several executive education and professional development programs. 

JP is a popular host for, including his own show Serial Intrapreneur. He is a popular regular guest host of Breaking Banks, the first global fintech podcast, now with over 3 million listeners in 100+ countries.

Besides providing an engaging and thought-provoking keynote, JP can also be available as an MC, for press briefings, media interviews, VIP roundtables, executive workshops, etc. on how the most innovative companies are leveraging innovation to thrive in this era of digital disruption.

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What JP Nicols Talks About:

Thriving in an Era of Digital Disruption
We can no longer define the competition as just other financial institutions. Digital disruption is coming from a whole new crop of competitors, that are swiftly gaining acceptance and market share. Learn new strategies for addressing today’s unique threats and opportunities.

Tales of a Serial Intrapreneur
We rightly celebrate the struggles of startups and their brave founders; but it can be tough working in a bigger company too, where powerful corporate antibodies seek and destroy new ideas that don’t conform to the conventional culture. It doesn’t have to be that way. Learn how you can fix it.

Bankers are from Mars, FinTechs are from Venus
Over $40 billion has been invested in FinTech over the past three years, but the ‘move fast and break things’ ethos of Silicon Valley doesn’t work in a highly regulated environment. Learn how to get the best of both worlds as we innovate new ideas, yet still effectively manage risk.

Innovation is More than the Next Big Idea
Innovation has become one of the hottest topics in financial services, but what does it really mean, and how do we get there? Learn how the most innovative companies create new experiences, new products and new revenue streams to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world.

Your ‘Fast Follower’ Strategy is Riskier than you Realize
Financial services companies are not bleeding edge pioneers for good reason. But how long is too long to wait to adopt new ideas? If we wait too long can we ever catch up? Learn how to balance best practices with next practices to drive sustainable growth.

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