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About Judy Carter - America’s Funniest Motivational Speaker, Author and Stress Reduction Expert:

Judy Carter is a stand-up comic, author, emcee and corporate speaker and master teacher who has appeared on over one hundred TV shows. She is the author of Standup Comedy: The Book which has sold over 150,000 copies and The Comedy Bible was featured on Oprah and Good Morning America. Judy's a firm believer that how you present your ideas is just as important as the ideas themselves - and will help you discover both your message and your comedic voice in her latest blockbuster The Message of You.

Judy is the founder of Comedy Workshop Productions, which runs comedy classes nationwide. Carter also produces the annual California Comedy Conference, which is attended by top Hollywood VIPs - including executives from HBO, Warner Bros, William Morris Agency and others. Her expertise at teaching others to use comedy to transform their lives and careers has created a nationwide demand for her as a corporate and college speaker. Carter has inspired thousands of people to use humour to deal with change and laugh their way out of stress.

Carter's pioneering approach to turning problems into punchlines has generated articles in the Wall Street Journal, LA Times, New York Times and Success Magazine as well as features on CNN, ABC World News, Oprah, and National Public Radio, where she transformed two somber IRS agents into killer comics. She has brought her don't get mad, get funny philosophy to Fortune 500 companies such as Boeing, Lucent Technologies, Fedex, Blue Cross and Pacific Bell. They have found her tell-it-like-it-is (only funnier) approach advantageous when tackling sensitive issues like downsizing and layoffs.

Carter started her career as a professional magician, being one of the first women to work at the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood - and created quite a stir with her death-defying escape from her grandmother's girdle. Carter's stand-up career launched when United Airlines lost the baggage with her magic act and she had to go onstage without it. Since then, Carter has headlined at comedy venues such as the world famous Hollywood Improv and Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, and was nominated for Atlantic City's Entertainer of the Year.

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What Judy Carter Talks About:

Humour in the Workplace: Laughing your Way Out of Stress
Life and work are stressful – overwhelming deadlines, stacks of paperwork, communication breakdowns… and that’s just Monday. Judy illustrates the power of humour and teaches us how to turn problems into punchlines, resolve conflict and build camaraderie so everyone will walk away with tools they can use immediately. Her don’t get mad, get funny philosophy inspires people to deal with issues such as downsizing and layoffs – not to mention that overflowing inbox – with a sense of humor, rather than a sense of desperation.

Boxes on the Brain
Judy’s performances are 100 percent customized and tailor-made for each client. Besides Keynotes, Judy also provides:

  • Emcee services: liven up your Monthly Meeting or Awards Banquet with a Pro
  • Expert Impostors: your group will first think it’s another bland presentation from a specialist in your field – until the laughs start rolling in
  • Original productions: Judy creates material that incorporates your execs in a hilarious game show or talk show format
  • Comedy coaching: Have a speech of your own that needs humour? Let Judy make you look good and get laughs – in the right places

Healthy Laughs with Judy Carter
Have you ever noticed that patients in waiting rooms are really hung up on their own problems? Doesn’t anyone ever stop to think about the people on the other side of the magazine rack?

Judy Carter does. That’s why she enjoys giving back to the Healthcare community with special keynotes for the people who provide care across the country. Whether your group includes physicians, nurses, dentists, radiologists, anesthesiologists, administrators or even heart valve manufacturers – Judy has been hired by the top leaders in healthcare.

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You have an amazing talent to bring levity and humour to some serious topics - and would be an asset to any business function.

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