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About Karen Allen -  Mindset Expert, TEDx Speaker & Founder, The 100% Human Community:

Your mindset is your greatest asset.

This belief is at the core of Karen Allen’s message, one that she is sharing with as many people as possible.

A growth mindset guru, Karen’s work as a keynote speaker, author, coach, and thought leader has helped thousands of people and organizations - including the likes of Google, Experian, and YouTube - improve their lives by implementing various practical, simple techniques that incorporate mindfulness, positive psychology, neuroplasticity, and mental strength training.

If you think of your mind as a muscle, Karen is the personal trainer who helps it to become stronger, healthier, and more efficient.

She knows her techniques work because she’s trained her own mind to overcome the unthinkable. At just 29 years old, Karen lost her husband suddenly and tragically, and she found herself struggling to move forward. That is, until she realized that it was up to her to make the conscious choice to let go of the negative thoughts and energy and turn them into positive, productive action— her life, and the life of her then two-year-old son, depended on it.

This was the catalyst to creating her proprietary Stop & Shift method and launching 100% Human™, a platform where she shares her wisdom, tools, and techniques geared toward mindset training and sustainable joy.

She has given TED Talks and has been featured in Forbes, MSNBC, as well as other global media outlets.

Now with a book, also titled Stop & Shift, Karen continues to spread her message far and wide in hopes of maximizing her impact—and with her mindset, there is no stopping her.

Karen’s talent lies in showing people that change doesn’t have to be daunting. Her unique keynotes and programs are delivered in bite-sized insights designed to be put into immediate practice. She refrains from toxic positivity at all costs and teaches her audiences how to embrace moments of stress, sadness, or setback, and turn them into personal momentum toward something greater.

Hearing Karen speak is like receiving a warm hug. A student of life and as authentic as you can get, she draws from her real life experiences (along with sprinkles of science) to move audiences on multiple levels.

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What Karen Allen talks about:

Stop & Shift
Life is full of curveballs and surprises; what defines us is how we respond to them. What if changing your thinking can *actually* change the situation?

Spoiler alert: it can. If your mind is shaped by your thinking, how do you take control of the quality of your thoughts?

Stop + Shift is a simple mental exercise with a massive ripple effect, in both personal and professional life.

This keynote teaches audiences and teams how to:

  • Make decisions from a place of composure and clarity,
  • Kick negative thoughts and emotions out of the driver’s seat,
  • Build resiliency to navigate stress with greater ease and confidence,
  • Create a burnout-proof work culture.

100% HUMAN
You’re probably familiar with the expression “people are your most important asset.” But what does that mean in practice? How do we create a workplace that supports employees’ well-being and growth?

100% Human is here to help. This topic offers a roadmap for how to create a thriving workplace culture where your people flourish. Audiences and teams will learn how to build an environment where employees feel valued, supported, and excited to contribute to a mission bigger than themselves.

Learn how to…

  • Cultivate a growth mindset to improve your communication, develop other members of your team, and build a culture of trust.
  • Integrate wellness into your operating strategy without breaking the bank or sacrificing productivity.
  • Empower your team so they feel valued as individuals and also deeply connected to the company mission.

Lead Forward
Effective leadership is you foster a supportive and growth-centric where your team members feel valued and empowered.

when you embrace these three shifts, you’ll embody the intrinsic human values of leadership then helps your people thrive!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Reframe Mistaeks: Embrace a ‘fail fast, learn fast’ attitude to foster a psychologically safe workplace where innovation and productivity thrive.
  • Remain Open & Curious: Value open communication, active listening, and diverse perspectives to generate fresh insights and solutions.
  • Release Perfection: Adjust expectations and focus on the journey toward excellence, creating a more resilient, adaptable, and productive environment.

Remember, true leadership isn’t just about guiding a team – it’s about growing with them.

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"Karen is a world class speaker that is bringing the missing link to corporate America, deeper human connection. She is a remarkable communicator that carries a vital message to the workplace. Her story of perseverance is one that will make a lasting impact for your organization. I was overwhelmed with the amount of reaction to Karen's keynote at our town hall event. I honestly did not realize the size of the need for this transparent message. If you want your team's culture to be transformed into a united one, you must bring in Karen to speak or do a workshop."


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