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About Kerry Bodine - Author & Customer Experience Expert:

Kerry Bodine believes that happy customers lead to happy shareholders. Her book, Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business, helps business leaders understand the financial benefits of great customer experiences—and how their organizations must change in order to deliver them.

Kerry is a customer experience consultant with expertise in human-centered design, journey mapping, marketing, and branding. She helps executives co-create innovative products, services, and experiences that truly matter—for their customers, for their employees, and for their business.

Kerry’s ideas, analysis, and opinions have appeared on sites like The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Forbes, USA Today, and Advertising Age. She also contributes a regular column to Touchpoint, the journal published by the global Service Design Network. Kerry is a frequent keynote speaker at public conferences and private corporate events around the world.

Kerry spent seven years with the customer experience practice at Forrester Research. As vice president and principal analyst, she lead Forrester’s research on customer experience design and innovation. She was also the creative force behind the customer experience ecosystem, a framework that helps companies diagnose and fix customer problems at their roots.

In previous roles, Kerry managed consumer research teams; guided the design of websites, mobile apps, and branded social networks; designed interfaces for robots and wearable devices; and in 1995, developed a Web-based social shopping prototype for AT&T Bell Labs. She also completed stints as both a management consultant and an advertising executive.

Kerry holds a master’s degree in human-computer interaction from Carnegie Mellon University.

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What Kerry Bodine Talks About:

The Business Value of CX
Why has customer experience become a top strategic imperative for today’s leading executives and brands?

The Future of CX
How will brands’ relationships with consumers change over the next decade—and what can you do now to prepare?

Mapping the Customer Journey
How can you visualize your customers’ pain points—and create empathy to drive organizational alignment?

B2C Customer Experience
What trends can business-to-consumer companies leverage to increase customer engagement and loyalty?

Making Promises, Keeping Promises
How can your customer experience deliver on the explicit and implicit expectations set by your brand and marketing communications?

Designing Innovation Experiences
What new ways of thinking and working will help you intentionally create the experiences your customers truly want and need?

Data-driven Experiences
How can you combine the right types of data—at the right time—to deliver remarkable customer experiences?

B2B Customer Experience
What are the unique challenges that business-to-business companies face when improving the customer experience?

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