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About Kristi Ling - Speaker, Author and Business Coach on Happiness, Success, and Self-Empowerment:

Kristi Ling brings powerful insight, warmth, and fresh, new ways of perceiving and achieving happiness, self-empowerment, and success to any setting.

With an extensive background in personal and professional development, communications, and business, as well as a compelling personal story of her own journey from struggle and dark times to lasting happiness and dynamic energy, Kristi is a positive, potent force for helping others to create sustainable happiness and live their most empowered lives.

Passionate about sharing her experiences and unique empowerment strategies, Kristi writes, speaks, and works with individuals and groups to offer others insight and tools to create more happiness, wellness, positive energy, and success.

Kristi has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, CNN, Natural Awakenings, The Daily Love and other media. She's a regular blogger for The Huffington Post, and is working on a book that will offer the three most important steps for creating sustainable, lasting happiness. In addition to coaching and speaking, she continues as a highly sought-after brand strategist and marketing expert, having spent over 15 years leading marketing and public relations campaigns for some of the world's most recognizable brands.

Kristi is the creator of several audio workshops and online courses, and is the author of Empower Your Day: How to Create More Happiness, Energy, and Success Through Positive Mornings. Her podcast, Happy, Free, & Wild, is a top-rated podcast in the health category on iTunes.

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What Kristi Ling Talks About:

The Secret Happiness Formula: Three Steps for More Joy, Positive Energy, and Success
Get started learning the imperative skill they forgot to teach you in school — the skill of happiness! Yes, there are true keys and techniques to creating lasting, sustainable happiness. In this dynamic talk, Kristi will reveal the three life-shifting steps for creating a happier, more empowered life, how to effectively dissolve habits and blocks that get in the way of happiness and success, and where you can begin now to create more energetic, joyful, successful days. Kristi will share her inspiring personal journey that took her from a place of gloomy, burnt out, and unhealthy to creating a tremendously happy, healthy, dynamic life and successful business. This is a fun, empowering presentation that will create an instant visible path to a fuller, happier, more successful life.

Grow Your Business With Happiness: Creating Dynamic Energy
Happiness is the foundation for success in all areas of life. During this energetic, powerful presentation, we discuss why happiness leads to success (and not the other way around), look at how making happiness and inner-peace a top priority can increase sales and grow your business, and talk about why exactly self-care should be considered revenue-generating activity. We’ll outline the #1 area to begin creating dynamic energy and positive change, and you’ll be inspired to immediately start creating the life and business of your dreams.

Change Your Mornings, Change Your Life
We all have the power within us to create more happiness, success, and balance right now. The way we begin our day not only determines what kind of day we will have, it greatly influences all areas of our life. In this eye-opening and entertaining presentation, hear Kristi’s personal story about how re-inventing her mornings lead her to more happiness, added energy, greater success, and better health. Learn simple steps for transforming mornings into sparkling opportunities for creating amazingly productive, energetic, and a more blissful life. 

Bringing Happy to the Workplace
Research shows that happy employees are better prepared to handle relationships, stress, and change in the workplace. When team members have positive relationships with supervisors and colleagues, it has a direct effect on how engaged they are in their position. A positive, happy work environment with a team that is involved, appreciated, and supported will result in more productivity and increased success for the company. Companies that create nurturing environments that help both owners and employees improve their happiness and well being will boost success. In this powerful presentation, Kristi will share top strategies and compelling tools for creating happier workdays and more positive, productive work environments.

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Kristi is quite simply the most positive, forward leaning person I know. Her unquenchable thirst for knowledge and enlightenment and her dedication to her craft is hard to match.

Steve Truitt, TV Host, Coach, Author, Stop Waiting For Permission!

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