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About Laurie Skreslet - Mount Everest Climber and Inspirational Speaker:

Laurie Skreslet captivates, inspires, and entertains as he imparts his remarkable wisdom, gained from a lifetime of adventure and achievement. Enhanced with spectacular multimedia visuals, his presentations convey the importance of personal commitment, teamwork, preparation, and dedication to excellence -- keys to success on Mount Everest, and keys to success in business.

On October 5, 1982, Laurie Skreslet became the first Canadian to ever reach the summit of Mount Everest. Since then, he has revisited the challenge again and again, continuing to climb from various directions and with alternate equipment. Building upon his life as an adventurer, he has also become renowned for his spectacular presentations to corporate and professional groups. Helping individuals and organizations to uncover and explore the parallels between their business environment and that of high-risk adventure and exploration comes naturally to Laurie.

In order to attempt climbing Everest, Laurie and his team spent over five years planning and raised more than three million dollars. Still dealing with the horror of four team members deaths in the infamous Khumbu Icefall, Laurie personally had to recover from three cracked ribs incurred in a fall early in the climb. Despite these and countless other adversities he had accomplished mountaineering's ultimate achievement - and made history in the process.

Laurie brings to life the principles of personal best and beating fear of failure that enabled him to reach his Everest goals, and which can be applied by anyone trying to achieve difficult goals of their own. Participants learn that achievement is not a matter of luck or destiny, but a philosophy and a process that can be applied to any situation.

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What Laurie Skreslet Talks About:

Everyone has their own mountains of endeavor to climb. Laurie inspires audiences to reach their personal and team best, overcome fear of the unknown and go beyond their self-imposed limits. Most importantly, participants leave with an renewed drive to reach the summits in their own personal and professional lives.

Skreslet’s presentation describes the teamwork and organization that goes into a trip of this magnitude. The mental preparation of people facing difficult times and demanding goals. The value of giving your personal best, controlling
your fear of failure, and understanding that most of the limits you think you can not go beyond, are only real in the sense that they are self imposed.

One of the barriers to achieving anything difficult, is the fear of the unknown, that irritating psychological fear which can limit our activity to spheres of previous experience and knowledge. Because of our perceived need for security, and the fear of leaving behind the structures with which we are so familiar, we can become captive to the safety that security offers. We then run the risk of limiting our growth, or failing to reach that rich potential of which we are all capable. In the positive response to challenge, we can break those barriers.

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