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About Michael Melnik - Business Speaker on Change and Effective Leadership:

Michael Melnik is an Occupational Therapist with a Master's degree in Exercise Physiology. For more than twenty years, Michael has delivered his unique, high-energy message to over a quarter of a million participants throughout the United States, Canada and Australia. He also produced and starred in award-winning videos utilized by numerous Fortune 1000 companies.

When an organization is looking to effectively implement change or simply wants to energize the work environment, Michael's presentations hit the mark. With his simple, practical and time-tested tools, Michael's message promotes positive changes long after your event is over.

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What Michael Melnik Talks About:

The Energized Approach for effective leadership, organizational growth and positive change

There are 3 certainties in life: Death, Taxes and Change! Organizations spend an abundance of time, money and resources in an effort to drive change. All too often these efforts fall short of expectations. There is hope! In most cases the problem isn’t the change itself, it’s the environment into which the change is introduced and the methods used to introduce, implement and support this change. Whether it is the launching of a new program or initiative, an effort to promote positive attitudes or simply a desire to energize the environment; success is dependent upon CHANGE! In this presentation Michael introduces the 10 essential energy sources and offers time-tested strategies to minimize resistance, maximize participation and create the energy that is essential for success.

If Change Were Easy, We’d All Be Perfect

Do you eat right, exercise regularly and avoid things that are bad for you? Ever cut a corner to get something done quickly? Even though we know the right things to do, we don’t always do them (and then we act surprised when others behave the same way!) In this lively, energetic, fun-filled session, Michael examines this humorous and often frustrating side of human behavior; the resistance to and the struggle with CHANGE. Through the use of REP: The Rational, Emotional and Physical Approach for Promoting Change, Michael helps you not only better understand what drives behaviors, but offers practical strategies for steering them in a positive direction.

From Knowing To Doing: Getting Maximum ROI From your Employee Training Efforts

It is well known in the training world that what is said by an instructor is not necessarily what is heard by the audience. To complicate matters, what is heard by the audience doesn’t automatically turn into what is done when the class is over. Organizations invest substantial amounts of time and money on training to influence behaviors in a positive way. The problem is that most organizations focus attention solely on how the training will be delivered with little thought given to how it will be received and put into practice! In this fun, high energy and practical session Michael introduces REP: The Rational, Emotional and Physical Approach to Effective Training. The REP approach helps organizations maximize training effectiveness by focusing not only on how information is delivered, but also on how the audience receives this information and how they move from what they know to what they do!

Other Topics Include:

  • The Lighter Side of Sitting, Standing, Lifting and Stretching
  • Surviving a Multi-Day Conference

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    Michael puts the "WOW" into your event. People still talk about Michael's presentations weeks later and are requesting that he return for more!

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