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About Nikki Stone - Olympic Gold Medalist & Expert on World-Class Performance:

Powerful, Inspiring, Engaging, Influential...all describe one of today's top inspirational speakers Nikki Stone. She shares specific skills to show everyone how to be a champion.

Nikki came back from a serious a spinal injury to win America’s first Olympic gold medal in aerial skiing, Nikki can fully relate to the pain, risks and challenges many businesses, organizations and individuals are continually faced with on a daily basis and perform under pressure in key moments, Nikki shares how to develop unmatched concentration skills that business individuals need to access increased output and proficiency and improve the bottom line.

As an author, inspirational speaker and sports psychologist, Nikki has proven and mastered the process and tools needed for success in unpredictable situations. She shares the hands-on activities she developed as an Olympic Gold Medalist and in training Olympic medalists.  Attendees continually communicate what a unique approach she has formed to help guests find their own successes.

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What Nikki Stone Talks About:

When Turtles Fly: Finding Your Turtle Effect: Sticking Your Neck Out to Reach your Goals
How do individuals find the drive for what they do?  How do they conquer their greatest obstacle?  How do they take the appropriate risks to make sure their business skyrockets?  Nikki relates how clients can answer these questions through her incredible Turtle Effect philosophy.  Nikki discovered that she could find the passion to pursue her lifelong dreams, she could find the strength to overcome a spinal injury that 10 doctors told her wasn’t possible, and she could take the risk of soaring 50 feet in the air off a 10 foot all snow jump to win an Olympic Gold medal despite being afraid of heights.  With inspiring tools, people find that Nikki’s inspiration will motivate them long after they have heard her speak.

Only Some Want to Fly: Striving for Excellence by Spreading your Wings to Reach Success 
Olympic Gold Medalists have reached a level of success that very few people in the world have achieved.  Nikki has analyzed and researched why she and many other professionals have found this success.  Let Nikki truly motivate your organization through her engaging and moving journey while demonstrating the activities that will help every individual surge an all new level of excellence.

Knocking Down Those Walls: Turning your Obstacles into Hurdles
There is a compelling comparison that can be made between the difficulties of overcoming a career-threatening injury in a risky sport and the fears and challenges that most professionals face in their quest to be the best.  Hear how Nikki creatively makes this link and encourages attendees stand up to their obstacles and learn from the experience in order to cut a new path towards the finish line.  Nikki will help change an attitude of discouragement to an experience of encouragement through a story filled with laughter, tears and   lot of fist-pumping.

You Can’t Get to the Top Alone: Using Teamwork to Achieve your Goals 
We all want to be the best at what we do.  We want to stand out, be recognized and acknowledged for our achievements.  But whether you are an individual in an organization or an athlete representing your country, we all need to appreciate and utilize the team surrounding us.  There’s no secret to finding a support system, the real secret lies in using it.  Explore the hands-on activities Nikki shares in helping attendees reach new heights and use their support system to make sure they can land on their feet.

We Only Live Once – Make it Count: Taking the Risk to Be Your Best 
You and your company didn’t get to where they are by sitting on the couch and waiting for life to sweep you up to your ultimate success.  In order to reach your full potential we all have to think and act outside the box in order to get ahead. Take the journey with Nikki learning some unique tips and tools for individuals and businesses to take the next steps in your personal and professional lives.

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Nikki's presentation was the perfect combination of a moving story, shared motivation, and compelling success-building activities.

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