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About Olivia Fox Cabane - Author & Speaker in the fields of Charisma and Leadership:

A renowned expert in the fields of charisma and leadership, Olivia Fox Cabane shares with audiences around the world her unique knowledge from a variety of sciences and research. Cabane takes a hard-science approach to a heretofore mystical topic, covering what charisma actually is, how it is learned, what its side effects are, and how to handle them.

Olivia Fox Cabane has lectured at Stanford, Yale, Harvard, MIT, the Marine Corps War College and the United Nations. As keynote speaker and executive coach to the leadership of Fortune 500 companies, she helps people become more persuasive, influential, and inspiring. From a base of thorough behavioral science, Olivia extracts the most practical tools for business, applying the latest in global behavioral science to everyday leadership needs to improve her clients’ productivity, effectiveness and efficiency.

In addition to being a columnist for Forbes and The Huffington Post, Olivia is often featured in media such as The New York Times, Bloomberg or BusinessWeek. She has been profiled in The Wall Street Journal as well as NPR’s Marketplace show. Olivia currently serves as Director of Innovative Leadership for Stanford’s StartX program. Her course at Berkeley’s Business School was so popular that university staff had to guard the entrance to ensure that only the students admitted to that course gained entrance. Her book, The Charisma Myth, published by Penguin/ Random House, went into second printing before it even launched.

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What Olivia Fox Cabane Talks About:
Applicable techniques are more valuable than mere inspiration. Olivia’s keynote presentations are dynamic, interactive and full of immediate applicable tools and techniques your attendees can take away.
Olivia’s Most Popular Topics Include:
  • Charisma and Leadership: The Science of Trust, Influence and Persuasion
  • Dealing with Difficult People: Handling big egos or difficult conversations
  • Presentation Skills: How to be incredibly charismatic on stage
  • Gravitas: Exuding boardroom presence, the power to command the room’s attention.
  • Increasing Self-Confidence: How to dismantle the impostor syndrome
  • Listening Skills & Likeability: Generating rapport, trust and loyalty
  • Personal Branding: Positioning yourself as the expert in your field
  • Navigating Through Uncertainty: Skillfully handling ambiguity
  • Talent Acquisition, Retention, and Development: What charisma can do for each

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