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About Paul Rulkens - Expert on Effective Leadership & Strategic High Performance:

Paul Rulkens is a global keynote speaker and an expert in strategic high performance: the art and science of consistently achieving big goals in the laziest way possible. His clients include companies like McKinsey, KPMG, ExxonMobil, Boston Scientific, DSM, Novartis, UBER, BASF, SHELL, Siemens, ASML, DuPont, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Nestlé, and Canon.

His most requested speaking topics cover the secrets of consistent execution, fast innovation, effective leadership, growth focus, and seamless teamwork. His popular TED talks have been watched by more than six million people.

Originally trained as a chemical engineer and with more than 20 years of experience in various corporate leadership roles, Paul’s work is based on deep knowledge and extensive experience in the practical business applications of behavioral psychology, neuroscience and, especially, common sense.

His two business books—The Power of Preeminence and How Successful Engineers Become Great Business Leaders—are used frequently by others at professional training and development sessions all over the world.

His solid background as a scientist and corporate executive, combined with his training as a standup comedian, make his keynotes both substantive and hilarious.

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What Paul Rulkens Talks About:

Why The Majority is Always Wrong: A Viral Sensation
How do you consistently employ unconventional strategies to yield extraordinary results in the laziest way possible? If you do what everyone else is doing, you’re not distinguishing yourself from the competition, and you’re probably stuck.

In this dynamic, interactive, and entertaining keynote, Paul delves into some of the most pivotal, albeit counterintuitive and occasionally controversial, strategies. These approaches are designed to elevate you into a small minority that unmistakably stands out, like a towering giraffe amidst diminutive field mice.

Audiences will embark on a journey exploring:

  • Radical Mindset Shifts: Learn how to dramatically alter your thinking to boldly step away from the herd.
  • The Strange Secret of Strategic Quitting: Discover how embracing strategic quitting can transform you into an innovation powerhouse.
  • The Turkey Problem: Understand why a turkey is the key to enhancing resilience and adeptly navigating through subsequent crises.
  • Purposeful Laziness: Learn how leveraging intentional laziness can significantly amplify your organizational execution power.
  • Build on Strengths: Why you don’t have to be sick to get better.

This keynote is always tailored to align with client objectives and seamlessly integrate into the overarching client conference program, ensuring relevance and impactful takeaways for all attendees.

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Paul, I wanted to thank you for coming to join us in Barcelona last week and for your excellent keynote speech. Your topic of innovation was positioned exactly right in the context of our overall agenda priorities. And your anecdotes and humour were just terrific.

Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company

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