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About Rachel Sheerin - Burnout Expert, Keynote Speaker + Event Emcee:

Rachel Sheerin is an award winning speaker on a mission to help people love their work, their lives and their communities with renewed energy and focus.

As a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, Rachel knows what makes people tick - paired with her background in meetings and events, she knows how to help keep your event flowing with fun and ease (no matter what happens!). As a keynote speaker and event host for some of the world’s largest companies and organizations, conferences, conventions and annual meetings, Rachel’s often tapped for her high energy and inclusive, welcoming style of speaking, storytelling and audience engagement.

Rooted in the goal of making events impactful, connective and memorable, Rachel works with meeting planner teams and organizations to strategize and deliver performances and experiences that unify and energize! As an active member of MPI, Rachel is not just a speaker but also an event partner, sharing best practices and resources from her hundreds of client events.

With her viral TEDx talk How to Burnout and Be Successful and her book BETTER: How to live, lead and succeed coming out in Summer 2023 on Hawthorn Road Press, Rachel has been featured in Inc. Magazine, USA Today, The Washington Post, Medium and more.

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What Rachel Sheerin Talks About:

Better Together: Recharge, Reunite and Refocus
The keys to enjoying life’s journey, uncovering happiness and increasing your positive influence on everyone you meet are shared in this fun, interactive keynote from Rachel Sheerin! Based on real-life experiences, case studies and interviews, backed with psychology and biological studies, this keynote will have you thinking, laughing and opening your mind to new strategies for happiness and success in your life!

Attendees will give 5-star survey results about the session after:

  • Discovering their personal happiness and impact goals
  • Understanding how they (and others) respond to stress + how to manage it in a healthy, productive way
  • Laughing along with Rachel’s stories + joyful style
  • Gaining strategies for increasing their joy, success + influence

This session is perfect for:

  • Organizations focused on huge goals
  • Fast paced company cultures
  • Large national and multi- national teams
  • Growing franchises + sales- focused audiences
  • Events looking for a motivational + authentic experience

Burning at Both Ends: How to Love Your Work + Life (Again)
We all have big goals. But the reality is we’re tired and could use a total reset. Your event can reunite them for happiness and success. We do our best work when we are at our best – but burnout is chasing us 24/7. We want to believe we make an impact in our work. We dream of having control but it feels like an illusion. Especially in today’s buck wild world. This keynote can help provide a reset that sets you up for happiness and success.

In this keynote, Rachel will empower attendees to:

  • Identify the most common causes of burnout in today’s world + how they show up in our lives and workplace.
  • Empower attendees with skills to take control over their burnout triggers + reverse their impact.
  • Redefine success + reprioritize happiness ASAP.
  • Feel seen, heard + supported

This session is perfect for:

  • High change orgs + industries
  • Fatigued teams + cultures
  • Orgs who have gone through
  • M+A process recently
  • Multi-generational teams looking to reset the tone + come together

Grow Greater: How to Boost Your Sales, Career + Happiness With Authenticity
We’ve all heard the old advice about sales: Ask questions. Follow up, follow up, follow up. ABC – Always be closing. But the future of sales will require something much more than strategy – in today’s fast-faced world, the foundation of all sales has to be trust – and that starts with being the most authentic version of yourself!

In this session, attendees will:

  • Learn how to shrug off all the pressures and habits of looking back, instead focusing on the future
  • Identify and embrace what makes them unique, energized and fearless in their work and personal life – and use it to sell + grow their career in ways they love
  • Grow their confidence and authenticity 4.Master how to attract clients who rave about them, teams that admire them and relationships that are full of love and joy.
  • Recharge their focus + energy for work, goals and success

The Cheerful, Engaging Inclusive Emcee Experience
As a former meeting and events professional, Rachel pairs her knowledge of event management with irresistible energy as your event emcee. From ensuring everyone feels included to navigating the energy and flow of the agenda and topics presented, Rachel becomes everyone’s friend and guide – the voice of care, confidence and connection on stage, making sure your biggest event goals are met – and emergencies are handled with care!

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    She is a phenomenal woman that uplifts everyone around her. She was the ultimate professional for our conference and inspired all who watched her.


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