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About René C.W. Boender - Author & Keynote Speaker on Marketing, Change, and Innovation:

René Boender is an renowned and inspiring speaker - capturing his audience right from the start. He began his career in marketing and advertising in his early twenties. The US-based agency McCann discovered his talent and immediately threw him into the deep end of the international advertising market. He was responsible for their largest accounts: Black & Decker, Coca-Cola, CNN, L’Oréal, H&M, and Levi’s. In the late-80's, people called him the “Rainmaker on Madison Avenue,” the best new business driver in advertising.

In the early 90's, René Boender started his own successful agency: BBCW. After ten more years in business he then started to give talks at international conferences and worked as a guest lecturer - and he continues to be involved in several high profile projects.

From 2012 - 2014, René Boender was named the best foreign speaker in the USA with his keynote “The Chance to Change is now.” As the author of the bestselling Great to Cool René Boender shares his knowledge, his experience and vision. He focuses on increasing business happiness and believes that everything hinges on the power of communication. Furthermore, he is an expert on ‘Generation Z’ and published a best-selling book on this target group, which made it to number one on the top 100 management books list - twice! Again a big success, René Boender’s third book, Cool is Hotalso rose to number one!

René’s professional vision and energetic communication skills enable him to give exciting talks and connect with his audience. René Boender speaks on various topics. He looks at the way one deals with difficulties and helps you to start with yourself and take the reins. His keynotes are about pushing boundaries and the courage to change.

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What René C.W. Boender Talks About:

Einstein, Maslow, Pavlov, and Now You!
Through his Theory of Relativity, Einstein taught us to look at things differently – how gaining a new perspective could help to yield answers to the previously unknown. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs asserts that self-actualization is the most substantial of human needs, and as such, the catalyst to realize our full potential. And Pavlov’s conditioning experiments demonstrated that our fundamental learning processes can be altered – that we have the ability to overcome out “conditioned responses” and change our previous, ineffective behaviors.

In this keynote René Boender discusses how change and shifts in perspective begin with the individual and expands outwards – impacting others and helping to develop their full potential.

Other Topics Include:

  • Generation Z
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Social Media, Communication, and Connectivity

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Hillary Clinton stated that your Einstein keynote was over the moon! It’s not true. It was beyond Mars and expectations!

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