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About Rich Horwath - Chief Executive at The Strategic Thinking Institute:

Rich Horwath is the Founder and CEO of the Strategic Thinking Institute where he facilitates strategy sessions for executive leadership teams, coaches individual leaders to reach their strategic potential, and has helped more than 100,000 managers develop their strategic thinking skills through live workshops and virtual training.

He is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author on strategic thinking, including the new groundbreaking strategy graphic novel, StrategyMan vs. The Anti-Strategy Squad: Using Strategic Thinking to Defeat Bad Strategy and Save Your Plan, which was awarded “Best Strategy Book of 2018” (Axiom Business Book Awards).

Rich is a former Chief Strategy Officer and professor of strategy and has appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX TV. He has developed more than 200 proprietary resources on strategic thinking and has served organizations such as ESPN, Google, and FedEx. His work has been featured in publications including Fast Company, Forbes, and the Harvard Business Review. Rich has been described by Chief Executive Magazine as “…the world’s foremost expert on strategic thinking.”

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What Rich Horwath Talks About:

Be Strategic or Be Gone: Strategic Thinking for Competitive Advantage
Are you tactical or strategic? Does it even matter? Yes! New research with 400 talent leaders found the No. 1 skill for managers to possess is strategic thinking. But, only 3 out of every 10 managers is strong at strategic thinking. Therefore, it’s critical for managers to learn to think strategically so they can develop a solid plan for their work and create new value for customers.

In this program, managers will learn to:

  • Develop a clear and concrete definition of strategy
  • Create goals, objectives, strategies and tactics
  • Use the 3A Strategic Thinking Framework to think and act strategically each day
  • Move from reactive and tactical to proactive and strategic
  • Focus resources and say “no” to more effectively prioritize activities

What happens when a strategy text book collides with a superhero comic book? StrategyMan vs. the Anti-Strategy Squad: Using Strategic Thinking to Defeat Bad Strategy and Save Your Plan, which was awarded Best Strategy Book of 2018 by Axiom Business Book Awards. Based on the award-winning book, participants will learn to tackle some of their biggest challenges including fire drills, too many priorities and bad meetings. These challenges have been personified into villains such as Fire Driller, Frankenstrategy and the Meeting Menace to make the concepts and tools engaging and memorable. Break free from the bonds of boring strategy and give your team the power to think strategically!

Elevate: Leveraging Strategy & Innovation into Success
More than 50 percent of companies report the skill that their senior leaders most need to improve is strategic thinking. Strategic thinking is at the core of both strategy and innovation and is the key to creating competitive advantage.

New research shows the No. 1 cause of business failure is bad strategy. Highly successful companies such as Circuit City, Blockbuster and Toys ”R” Us went bankrupt because their leaders did not think strategically. Will your group be next?

In this program, leaders will learn to:

  • See and shape the big picture of strategy for their business
  • Understand the criteria that make up a great strategy
  • Create the foundation for competitive advantage
  • Use innovation tools to create, deliver and capture new value
  • Facilitate strategy conversations and excel in communicating and executing strategy to achieve their goals

Great strategy doesn’t magically pop out of a PowerPoint slide deck or appear in an Excel spreadsheet. Great strategy comes from great strategists. Do your team members have the strategic thinking skills needed to develop great strategy?

Strategy for You: Using Strategy to Design a Plan for Your Life
Are you where you want to be in your career? Are you where you want to be in your life? You and you alone can set your strategic direction. You and you alone will decide if you’ve reached your full potential. You and you alone will look back on your life with great joy or great regret. The choice is yours. Strategy is the power to get from where you are today, to where you want to go – the power to live strategically.

Research shows that only 15 percent of adults have a plan for their life. New York Times & Wall Street Journal best-selling author Rich Horwath provides audiences with tips and tools on the most important thing for their future: setting the direction of their lives. Rich has designed the 5D principles to help people think, act and live strategically each day, in order to reach their full potential at work and at home.

In this program, people will learn to:

  • Apply the concept of strategy to work and personal life
  • Discover their true purpose and channels for using it
  • Effectively use time, talent and budget at work and home
  • Use the 5D Framework to design strategies that achieve goals
  • Apply the traits that have made people like Tom Brady, Lady Gaga, and Warren Buffet highly successful

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Your session on “Strategic Thinking for Competitive Advantage” was entertaining, thought provoking and yet practical for a large audience of senior executives. It was exactly what we hoped for and was a big hit with the audience.

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