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About Rob Whitfield -- CEO at Ferrazzi Greenlight, International Behavior Change & Organizational Culture Specialist:

Rob Whitfield, CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight, has spent more than 20 years in consulting with the specific intent of helping clients deliver a return on investment from behavior change in the workplace.

A magnetic speaker and storyteller with a self-deprecating sense of humor, Rob is able to connect people to ideas and inspire them to think differently, and critically, hold them accountable to taking action that will lead to new behaviors and results.

Rob’s experience of igniting and driving to sustainable transformation in organizations across the world delivers practical advice that can drive to human behavior change in complex strategic, technology, and process environments, in sectors as diverse as Manufacturing, Entertainment, Telecoms and Media, Retail, Transport, Education, Central and Local Government, Energy, Natural Resources, Gaming, Consulting, and Fashion Clothing.

A frequent guest writer, Rob’s passion is to help individuals, teams, and organizations reach their highest goals, and he brings his invaluable experience to bear in shaping the vision and strategy of the firm.

Rob will partner with you to co-create the most impactful keynote speaking engagement for you, your audiences, and to overcome your team or organization’s challenges that will truly accelerate your results.

As your success is critical to Rob, this isn’t just about speaking to an audience. This process starts with a diagnostic discussion with you to identify the shifts in thinking and behavior that will provide the highest return on your investment. This information is used to prepare the tailored content for your event, and this is coupled with a call to action that will drive changes as people leave and return to their day jobs. That’s how real change is created, and that’s what Rob is truly passionate about.

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What Rob Whitfield Talks About:

Creating A Powerful Force for Change
How do you shake up the status quo in your team or organization so that the changes you are trying to make are truly effective? Most companies start from the top down, and that’s why only 30% of transformation efforts work. Let Rob share his research on the most effective way to make change happen through impactful movements that own and drive self-sustaining transformation.

Leadership: Forget What You Know & Embrace the Future
Most leaders take a pretty conventional view of what it means to be a leader, and they color inside the lines. In a world of increased complexity, broad ecosystems, and exponential change, Rob shares how effective leaders need to go beyond the norm and become vulnerable, porous leaders that use their humility to create the most powerful teams. Bottom line; your organization’s results depend on it.

Overcoming the Human Factor in Technology Change
Technology change isn’t new, though tech shifts are now exponential and people have a hard time keeping up. And that’s the problem, right? Your people are the barrier to effective adoption of the very tech that will drive to your results. The investment you make in technology change will be wasted if you don’t help your people embrace technology; you need to make a new plan and get that ROI.

Leveraging Diversity & Inclusion
What would it look like if your organization truly embraced different views, ideas and experiences? What might that do to your results? Immersed in a deeply personal, touching and powerful story, Rob knows firsthand the value of diversity in teams, and how this has historically been overlooked in many organizations. It’s time to embrace diversity and create inclusive spaces where every voice is heard.

Enabling Coaching Communities to Power Growth
Does your organization leave the majority of its people development to a rusty old process that isn’t fit for the new world of work? Rob will speak to the value of making a simple set of shifts that enable coaching for individuals, teams, and organizations in service of increasing engagement and accretive business results. Forget training, this is a real-time, focused method to increase outcomes.

Team Meetings: Going Beyond Co-Existence & Collaboration
In his extensive applied research, Rob has heard it all when asking the question, “Do you collaborate with your colleagues?” The bottom line is that most colleagues – in junior teams through to the most senior executives – simply co-exist and don’t make conscious choices about how to work together to achieve transformational results. Learn how to create a safe environment for risk-taking, innovation, and collaborative problem solving that will achieve exceptional results.

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Rob delivered an amazing and witty presentation outlining the keys to organizational change, best structure and processes to achieve program success and client satisfaction. His insights were priceless! The tips I learned will support me in my role. Thank you Rob!

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