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About Captain Robert Piché - Inspiring Speaker who Safely Landed Air Transat Flight 236:

Those who knew Captain Robert Piché instantly reacted the same way when they heard radio and TV reports that the pilot of an Air Transat Airbus A330 had just made an emergency landing in the Azores after running out of fuel - and that all 291 passengers and 13 crew members were safe and sound.

Captain Robert Piché is no stranger to turbulence and he is the first to wonder if the ups and downs of his life were a necessary prelude to the supreme test he would face on August 24, 2001. As a keynote speaker his story of
inspires and
audiences everywhere. He presents in both English and

The tale begins in Quebec on the snow-covered runways of the Gaspé, James Bay and the lower North Shore, and weaves its way to Vietnam and the stormy skies over Ho Chi Minh City, back to the American South and a Georgia prison, then into the pulsating night jungle of Montreal, and on the roads of Iqaluit. Until that unforgettable moment when Captain Piché finds himself at the controls of an aircraft whose engines have run out of fuel 39,000 feet up at night in the mid-Atlantic. A moment that will leave you breathless and help you understand the real meaning of courage under pressure and Leadership when it counts.

In August 2002, Captain Piché and First Officer De Jager received the Superior Airmanship Award from the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA) in Washington. The Air Line Pilots Association is composed of 66,000 members in North America and 300,000 members in the world. This award
acknowledged Piché and De Jagers extraordinary piloting abilities as well as the professionalism they demonstrated in extreme adversity. That November of same year Captain Piché was honored by Quebec Premier Bernard Landry at the National Assembly. He also published his biography, Robert Piché: Hands on Destiny with journalist Pierre Cayouette.

Captain Piché also received The Trans-Canada (or "McKee") Trophy, the oldest aviation award in Canada, by the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute in April 2003. The Trophy is awarded for outstanding achievement in the field of air operations.

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What Captain Robert Piché Talks About:

When the Impossible Becomes Reality
Captain Piché’s experience is considered by many to be one of the greatest achievements
of modern aviation. He faced a life or death situation with his crew and saved the lives of 304 people. Yet he still says, I only did my job.

But what are the factors that allow one to avoid disaster? Captain Piché’s keynote explains how he managed to succeed with only 30% of the plane’s capacity instead of worrying about the 70% that he had lost. Amazing things can be achieved through belief and determination. Captain Piché is an inspiration to all audiences.

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