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About Russell Bishop - Fortune 500 Consultant & Performance Expert:

Russell Bishop is a global thought leader on the power of personal transformation - helping individuals and teams achieve what matters most. Gleaned from 35 years experience working with individuals, teams and organizations in over 30 countries, Russell Bishop presents a powerful and inspiring blend of insights and best practices for personal and professional transformation.  Over two million people have been inspired by Russell in keynote speeches and workshops around the world.

Russell Bishop is Managing Partner of a marketing and business strategy consulting firm focused on transformational change.  A serial entrepreneur, Russell has started five companies in his career and has been a partner in the Andersen Consulting (Accenture) global think tank on Change Strategy.

In addition to running his consulting practice, Russ Bishop also serves as Senior Editor-at-Large for the Huffington Post, bringing fresh voices and new perspectives to the Business and Living sections.  Along with his recent book, Workarounds that Work:  How to Conquer Anything that Stands in Your Way at Work, he is the author of over 100 articles in such leading publications as The New York Times, Forbes, Strategy & Business, Crain’s, The Huffington Post, Psychology Today, World Finance, CIO, CFO, The Globe and Mail and PC World.

Russell Bishop has appeared on ABC News Now, The Ron Insana Show, and numerous radio news and talk shows - and has lectured on productivity for the executive MBA programs at UCLA, University of Texas and Washington University in St. Louis.

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What Russell Bishop Talks About:

Workarounds That Work: How to Transform Anything That Stands in Your Way at Work
In today’s global economy, virtually every business organization must continually strive to produce more with fewer resources.  That means everyone from the individual contributor up through supervisory and managerial ranks needs to perform at a higher level than yesterday.

The volume of work is exploding, often moving faster than our systems and processes are equipped to handle.  When that happens, people struggle to keep up.  People who struggle often resort to complaining about the status quo, or worse yet, simply disengaging.

While none of us have the time or patience to endure the chronic complainer, we do have the opportunity to turn the complainer into a key contributor.  But how do you turn the complainer around without delving into the “fuzzy” side of human behavior?

This session will educate, motivate and inspire everyone on your team to take new action to build a culture of contribution.  A hidden benefit of this interactive session is the ability to turn customer complaints into customer contributions, to turn unhappy customers into raving fans.

Team Transformation: Transform your People, Transform your Business
In a world where the pressure to perform grows daily, companies with strongly aligned internal groups thrive while their siloed competitors struggle to survive.  Overcoming frustrating processes, misaligned departments and resistant groups have become competitive necessities.

Strategies don’t execute themselves and processes don’t implement themselves – it takes people to make things happen.  Revamping your business strategy may not be enough – in fact, lesser strategies well executed can outperform slick strategies mired in cultures of fear and blame.

In this interactive, dynamic speech Russell helps the organization answer the question, “How well are we aligned internally? Are we costing ourselves opportunity by conflicting goals, processes or systems?  What can we do to ensure that our people have the best chance to compete and win?”

Relying on case studies and best practice examples from leading companies around the world, Team (Workforce) Transformation shows why some organizations succeed beautifully – and others fail miserably.  Let Russell Bishop show you how to build real alignment, how to motivate your teams to an even higher level of engagement and how to spot the pitfalls that often lead to fractious in-fighting that leave you vulnerable to your competitors.

Transform Yourself, Transform your Life: Becoming who you were Meant to Be
We are the gift that we seek.  Each of us has everything we need to create a life of greater fulfillment, peace and happiness.  In this deeply moving and inspiring speech, Russell Bishop will share the major transformation keys that unlock the wisdom of who you really are and how to use the keys to transform your life.   Russell will also share how he personally transformed his life, from living in his car to becoming a thought leader on the power of personal transformation.

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