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About Scott Friedman - Humorous Speaker on Communication and Customer Service:

Scott Friedman speaks on a variety of topics including employee and customer engagement, branded customer service, and personal branding. He's an inspirational speaker who also specializes in humor as a tool in sales, improving service, public speaking techniques and change management.

Scott's varied experience has brought him success in many industries including: hospitality, meetings, real estate, insurance, health care, education, government and just about any Association. Scott's greatest strength is his ability to customize the perfect program to fit the needs of any particular group. His improvisational comedy training, quick wit, and engaging material make Scott's valuable programs a bunch of fun to listen to.

Author of three books and co-author of four others, Scott's latest book, The Celebration Factor, is a practical handbook on how to bring more celebration into both your organization and your life. Based on Scott's extensive global research, interviews, and years of speaking around the world, this book offers strategies and examples from leading organizations that are successfully creating cultures of celebration in their workplaces.

Scott's book, Punchlines, Pitfalls and Powerful Programs - Ten Surefire Ways of Adding Humor to Your Presentations, is the perfect resource for those looking to connect with their clients. Scott outlines effective methods for engaging and educating an audience through humor and story telling. His book Using Humor for a Change is chock-full of great ideas to lighten-up the workload. The book proves to be the perfect remedy for stress and burnout.

In addition to speaking all over North America, Scott spends 20% of his time speaking throughout Asia and other locations around the globe. His international clients include Singapore Airlines, the Singapore Government, Gold Fields of South Africa, Young President's Organization, Hyatt Asia, and many of the Fortune 1000 companies. He offers to all of his clients a global and culturally sensitive perspective on how to get more out of work and out of life. He is always sure to do his homework to ensure that all groups feel at home no matter where they might be.

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What Scott Friedman Talks About:

Connecting with Customers

Customer expectations have dramatically changed over the years. Today, satisfying the needs of your customers by providing fast, efficient service is no longer enough. The most successful service companies move beyond customer satisfaction and engage customers in a memorable experience that is consistent with their brand promise. Every employee must live service and take pride in a culture that honors and rewards both employees and customers.

This entertaining and insightful program is full of tools and techniques that will help you to engage your customers and build perceived value. Learn to build long-term loyalty as Scott reveals the secrets to connecting with customers and employees.

Using Humor for a Change

Using positive humor creates an immediate bond between people, evoking feelings of camaraderie. Humor enhances receptivity, reduces resistance, and sets a tone of familiar cooperation rather than contention.

This interactive program explores how to use humor, creativity, and engagement strategies to make an organization more positive, productive, and fun. You will learn to tap into your unique sense of humor, a skill essential to creating the rapport that will pave the way to better relationships and better results. By putting the tools and tactics from this entertaining and insightful program into play, you will soon discover that those who laugh, last!

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Sale

Successful sales people know how to engage their customers. They create an immediate bond with customers which enhances receptivity, reduces resistance, and sets a tone of cooperation rather than contention.

This entertaining and insightful program will help you dramatically increase your sales through the effective use of story telling, humor, value-added creativity, technology, social networking and other customer-engaging activities. Participants will explore ways to differentiate themselves and build perceived value in the eyes of their customers. Along with developing a competitive advantage, you will discover that he or she who engages, sells!

Punchlines, Pitfalls and Powerful Programs

10 Surefire Ways of Adding Humor to your Presentations

If you want to truly connect with your audience, your programs must entertain as well as educate. This program is full of practical, yet imaginative ideas of how to use humor to increase the value of your presentations. Participants learn how to play off the audience, develop original material, and uncover an organization’s humor hot buttons. The program provides insight about where to find clean and appropriate humor as well as who is safe to poke fun at in a meeting environment. As participants begin to bring more and more humor into their own presentations, they will reap the rewards of an entertained and captive audience.

So, You Think You’re Funny!

Enhancing Communication with Humor

Humor can be one of your most effective tools in becoming a great communicator. In this fun, highly interactive program, Scott will give you practical, useable ideas on using humor to increase your value as a communicator and leader. Learn the secrets of developing your unique sense of humor, including the highest form of humor, self effacing humor.

Learn to be a more effective storyteller in telling your brand story. You’ll become more engaging as you truly connect with your listeners. A sense of humor translates into better relationships, greater creativity and productivity and more fun on this journey we call life.

The Celebration Factor: Creating Raving Employees through Celebration

Celebration in the workplace is one of the most effective ways to honor your employees, create a culture of authenticity and innovation, and a way to brand your organization internally and externally. In this entertaining, interactive session, we will explore celebration strategically; how to choose the best celebration for the right occasion while also providing the greatest impact. You will discover that those who celebrate stay engaged.

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I just can't say enough great things about your presentation - you captured the audience with your wit, your warmth, and your unique and fun approaches to dealing with stress and change.

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