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  • Talks about new product and service opportunities that are being underpinned by emerging technologies.
  • Audiences learn to understand emerging technologies--from artificial intelligence, robots, augmented and virtual reality, to the Internet of Things, driverless vehicles, and cutting edge medical technologies--and how they will change the future of work, services, business, and society.
  • Founder and CEO of Market Clarity, an award-winning technology analysis firm that provides insight, intelligence and advice on all aspects of the telecom and emerging technologies markets.
  • Past clients include: Canon, Dell, HSBC, KPMG, Oracle, Reuters

About Shara Evans - Globally Renowned Technology Futurist & Innovation Speaker:

Technology Futurist Shara Evans is a globally acknowledged Keynote Speaker and widely regarded as one of the world’s Top Female Futurists. Highly sought after and in demand by conference producers and media, she provides the latest insights and thought provoking ideas on a broad spectrum of issues. Regardless of your Industry, Shara’s keynote speeches bring together the latest technology innovations and cutting-edge research projects, tying them into strategic insights specifically for your business.

Her latest research is the Future Tech series — based on ongoing interviews with thought leaders in research labs, vendor labs, telcos, futurists and others — covering a very wide range of topics, such as: new form factors for phones and devices, wearables, implantables, sensors, wireless technologies, holograms, augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D printing, home automation, the Internet of Things, robotics, drones, cars of the future, artificial intelligence, security, privacy, cloud services, and the next wave of innovation.

Shara is also the Founder and CEO of Market Clarity, an award-winning technology analyst firm that provides insight, intelligence and advice on all aspects of the telecom and emerging technologies markets, as well as the Founder of Telsyte (which she sold to publicly listed UXC), and has been providing innovative research and strategic consulting on telecoms and technology throughout her successful career.

Shara helps her clients understand new product and service opportunities that are being underpinned by emerging technologies. Frequently working with executive, strategy and product teams, she gets organizations to think outside the box of what’s available today to imagine the world in 10 - 20 years, and assists them in commercializing these concepts into innovative new products and services.

Shara prides herself on taking the time to work with you and your team to tailor her presentations to address the issues directly relevant to your company and industry.

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What Shara Evans Talks About:

The Future of Work
How will robots, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) impact the workforce of the 2030s and our everyday lives?

Key takeaways:

  • Learn about the many new jobs of the future
  • How to determine if your business is at risk of disruption from automation
  • Learn the 6 steps to avoiding a dystopian future
  • Which skills to look for in the workforce of the future
  • How to leverage your existing workforce with re-skilling and retraining

Emerging Technologies
From flying robots, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence–how can you harness these technologies to be effective in your business today?

Key takeaways:

  • Look at the major technology trends that your business can embrace today
  • Show how drones, robots, AI and 3D printing can reduce overheads and increase efficiency
  • Learn how companies around the world are using tech to innovate for competitive advantage
  • Help your organization understand what technologies will impact your business in the next 3-5 years

Privacy & Security
Is your business safe from future Cyber threats? What are the new attack vectors that can be used to disrupt your business? Will your IP be vulnerable to infiltration from Malware? Can your clients and staff survive a digital incursion from cyber criminals? What shape will these emergent digital threats take in the next 3-5 years?

Every organization needs to be prepared for the dangers of the digital age… and for what’s to come.

Key takeaways:

  • Discover emergent threats that most organizations aren’t prepared for
  • The shape of cybersecurity in 2021 and beyond
  • What every business owner and CEO needs to know about digital privacy

Health & the Future of Humanity
We’re on the cusp of ultra-individualized healthcare and medical technologies that will allow us to live longer and healthier lives. Are you ready for the future and what this will mean for you?

Key Takeaways:

  • The technology trends healthcare businesses need to be aware of
  • The impact of a healthier, longer living workforce on businesses
  • How 3D bio-printing is set to change everything from drug development to limb replacements
  • How nanotechnologies and augmentation of our bodies may change what it means to be human

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