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About Stan Slap - Corporate Culture Guru & Bestselling Author:

Stan Slap is renowned for achieving maximum commitment in manager, employee and customer cultures—-the three groups that decide the success of any business. When these groups form relationships with a company they become cultures and are far more self-protective, far more intelligent and far more resistant to standard methods of corporate influence. 

“Culture” is the most overused yet often least understood concept in business. SLAP’s renowned expertise is in understanding how these three cultures actually work and how to achieve their maximum commitment.

Stan is also the New York Times bestselling author of Bury My Heart at Conference Room B and Under the Hood, which mine the path to Manager and Employee commitment, respectively. Stay tuned for Stan’s third book, The Hungry and the Hunted, which sheds much needed light on how to activate your Customer Culture.

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What Stan Slap Talks About:

Under the Hood
Even the smartest companies subscribe to the most dangerous strategic myth: A strategy has to be planned well to be successful. In fact, a strategy has to be implemented well to be successful. “Implemented well” starts with securing the fierce support of your employee culture. If the culture wants something to happen, it will; if it doesn’t, it won’t. In this mind-blowing keynote speech, Stan will explain exactly how and why your employee culture will buy any strategic or performance goal and how to avoid the Seven Deadly Sins of Strategic Implementation that lie in between 1, 2 and 10!

The Hungry and the Hunted
Every company sells both a product and a process — an experience that customers go through to buy and use that product. It’s the quality of the process that most decides your customers’ decision to advertise and sell for you—to brand you. In this myth-busting keynote speech, Stan will explain how to create a brandable customer experience, cause your employees to protect and promote it and your customers to recognize it as intentional. He’ll explain what doesn’t work even though it’s most often tried, what will work, and the ultimate key to creating a compelling, competitive and durable brand.

Bury My Heart at Conf. Room B
Any manager can appear fully productive and enthusiastic simply because they’re intellectually and financially committed. But if you’ve ever witnessed a human being emotionally committed to a cause—working like they’re being paid a million and they’re not being paid a dime—you know there’s a difference and you know it’s big. It’s this difference that companies want when they say they want their managers to be leaders because leaders are emotionally committed and inspire it in others. In this riveting keynote speech, Stan will explain the importance of emotional commitment to managers and their companies. He’ll demonstrate how real leadership starts and exactly what it looks like when it’s done right. And he’ll explain the one thing even more important than how to be a leader: why to be a leader.

Tough Times, Tougher Teams
Managers the world over have elaborate excuses to explain why poor performance is rarely their own fault and instead the result of forces beyond their control—they’re quick to blame acts of God, mysterious forces of nature and global events. Are you managing in maddening times? Sure, but who cares? What’s important is what you do about it; the job of management is to bring good answers to bad circumstances. The least successful companies blame everything for their problems—everything except their own response to those problems. The most successful companies take the same accountability for their mistakes as for their successes. In this blistering, funny and empowering keynote speech, Stan will debunk the most common excuses for poor performance and provide the foundation for creating a solution mentality throughout any company.

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