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About Steve Cadigan - Highly Sought After Talent Expert, Speaker, and Advisor on Change, Leadership, and the Digital Economy:

Steve Cadigan is a highly sought-after talent advisor to leaders and organizations across the globe. As Founder of his own Silicon Valley-based firm, Cadigan Talent Ventures, Steve advises a wide range of innovative organizations that include Twitter, Eventbrite, Cisco, Intel, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Telefonica, Salesforce and the BBC. He is also regularly retained by some of Silicon Valley’s leading VC (Venture Capital Investment) firms such as Andreesen Horowitz, Index Ventures, Sequoia, and Greylock Partners for his counsel on a wide range of talent topics.

Steve speaks at conferences and teaches in major universities around the world. His work in helping shape the culture at LinkedIn led Stanford University to build a graduate-level class around this ground-breaking work. Steve is frequently asked to appear on global TV and is a frequent guest on Bloomberg West and CNBC. Throughout his career, the teams, cultures, and organizations he has led and helped build have been recognized as exceptional, “worldclass” performers by the Wall Street Journal and Fortune Magazine. Before launching his firm, Steve worked as an HR executive for over 25 years at a wide range of companies and industries including ESPRIT, Fireman’s Fund Insurance, Cisco Systems, PMC-Sierra, Electronic Arts and capped by serving as the first CHRO for LinkedIn from 2009 through 2012, taking the company from a private firm of 400 employees, through an IPO and helping set it up to be the powerhouse that it has become today.

Today Steve serves on the Board of Directors to three companies and also sits on the Advisory Board of several other progressive organizations. His passion is helping leaders and companies build compelling talent strategies.

Over his career Steve has lived in Singapore, Canada, and the United States. He has interviewed, hired, coached and mentored thousands of employees and leaders within a wide range of industries and geographies. This is what sets Steve apart from others who speak about the future of work. Steve has lived deep inside the world of work as an employee AND as an employer. His experiences and achievements give him a unique and authoritative point of view, essential to all discussions about the future of work.

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What Steve Cadigan Talks About:

COVID-19 – A Massive Change Opportunity
A global pandemic has delivered us the biggest leadership test in history. Every individual and organization in the world has faced new circumstances and realities simultaneously.  While many organizations have been severely impacted or frozen by COVID-19, some organizations have thrived. Difficult times are when you find out who you really are as a leader and a company. While all this feels scary, history has shown us that in prior economic recessions, some amazing innovations can result. In the last economic downturn of 2007-2007 when the global banking market nearly collapsed and thousands of people lost their homes and their jobs, something unexpected resulted: over 30 unicorns were born, such as Airbnb, Uber, Slack, Glassdoor, Groupon, and Dropbox, to name a few. Times or turmoil and change present amazing opportunities to look at problems differently and innovate. In this engaging talk, Steve will reveal examples and stories from history that show us NOW is the best time to play offense as an organization and turn what feels like a disaster into a victory.

How to Make Culture Your Competitive Advantage & Elevate Your Business
In a world where turnover is increasing, and employee engagement is low, culture today means far more than just the norms of how we get along. The great companies today have made their culture weapon in the war for top talent. Today your culture is your brand and its imperative you invest and nurture your culture if you want to win today.

The Future of Leadership in a Digital Economy
The way we work today is very different than just a few years ago. What employees expect in a job and a company continues to change rapidly. How you hire, engage and lead talent in your companies has evolved a great deal. Today great leaders communicate and course correct more than they weigh information and make decisions. Great leaders today are information brokers more than decision makers. This talk frames out how leadership has and needs to change to be effective in this fast paced, data intensive digital reality.

The LinkedIn Growth Story
This is a fun session where we go through how to grow a company, the mistakes made, the lessons learned and how to ultimately beat some of the greatest companies in the world in the war to hire the best talent. Steve discusses how to beat companies with bigger brands and budgets than yours. Its a great story that still applies today of the best tech IPOs in the past decade – the LinkedIn Story.

The Future of Recruiting
The Future of work is here! In this session, Steve will teach you about the many changes taking place in business and the workplace that are propelling the creation of new and exciting Human Resource Strategies.

In addition, he will share:

  • How the HR function is evolving
  • The many new jobs in HR such as Branding and Analytics, and
  • The many new technological tools and resources that are allowing the HR function to reveal new talent insights and help companies win today.

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Steve was the opening Keynote speaker for our 25th anniversary national meeting. His message was exactly as advertised, and he delivered it with excellence and professionalism. Steve is a pleasure to work with, an expert in his field and a consummate professional!

Dan Friesen, Head of Training Development, Nexstar Inc.

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