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Steve Donahue - Sahara Desert Adventurer, Change Leadership and Engagement Expert:

Change your narrative and you can change anything. That’s why Steve Donahue is in global demand as a speaker, consultant and thought leader. He has worked with over 500 organizations to accelerate change, transform culture and energize teams from the inside out.

Steve is a pioneer in the emerging field of Narrative Intelligence and its application for individual and organizational renaissance. He has delivered over 1,000 inspirational presentations on 4 continents. Some of his clients include AT&T, Boeing, Pepsico, UPS, Ford, Hilton Hotels and The World Bank.

Steve’s first book, Shifting Sands, has sold over 100,000 copies. An international best-seller, it uses his harrowing journey across the Sahara Desert as a metaphor for personal growth and corporate change. He also co-produced the highly acclaimed documentary film, Take My Advice, I Can’t. The film chronicles his 3-year/72,000 mile search for a new story and a reason to tell it. It was on this quest that Steve discovered how narratives drive change and revitalize engagement.

Donahue is known for insightful presentations that are both heart touching and hilarious. He is a spellbinding storyteller with a special gift for inspiring international audiences. All of Steve’s presentations are deeply researched to be industry specific, immediately relevant and packed with actionable content.

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What Steve Donahue Talks About:

Get a New Story
At the heart of every person, team and company is a story. It describes who you are, what you do and why you do it. This narrative identity determines nearly all of your results. Develop your Narrative Intelligence to identify and transform your defining stories so that you can accelerate change, revitalize your culture and energize teams.

The Narrative Imperative
Your Narrative Identity defines you. Your Brand Narrative conveys that identity. The Social Narrative is what others say about you. If any one of these goes awry your business goes with it. Leaders must narrate, curate and create the storylines for personal and corporate success.

Follow Your Compass
Our maps no longer work in the warp speed of the digitally driven marketplace. But your compass can guide your career and your company on these shifting sands. Drawing upon Steve’s Sahara Desert adventures this presentation will show you how to overcome adversity and plot the course of your story in a world of constant change.

Take My Advice
Based on Steve’s highly acclaimed documentary film, Take My Advice, I Can’t, this speech chronicles his hilarious and heart touching journey to find a new story and a reason to tell it. Steve’s 3 year and 72,000 mile adventure proves that anyone and any company can reinvent themselves if they’re willing to earn and own a new narrative.

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Steve is one of the best motivational speakers I have ever seen. He excels at taking business information, which is relevant and important for the company, and weaving it seamlessly with his own experience to create a dynamic, powerful presentation.

President and CEO, Vishay Siliconix

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