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About Terri Schneider - Endurance Athlete, Speaker, Author, Coach, and Sport Psychology Consultant:

One of the most diverse and accomplished extreme ultra-endurance athletes, Terri Schneider translates her athletic experiences into an epic adventure that will enthrall audiences while inspiring your entire company to explode past perceived limitations and deliver breakthrough performances. Terri uses her experiences as an inspiring keynote speaker on teamwork, adventure, and motivation.

Terri's competitive record in multi-sport and endurance events spans over 65 countries and is as impressive as it is endless. Here are some of the highlights: In the first stage of her athletic career, Terri achieved the ultra-elite status of 2nd ranked woman in the international field of Ironman Triathlon competitors. She completed an unbelievable 22 Ironman Triathlons, which, among other outstanding finishes, included three top 5 finishes at the sport's most prestigious event, the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon World Championships.

In 1995, Terri put her years of physical and mental conditioning and her expert motivational and team-building skills to the ultimate test in the extreme sport of adventure racing. A multi-sport and often multi-day endurance event, adventure racing blends a variety of sports such as kayaking, horseback riding, mountain biking, trekking, mountaineering, canoeing, and rafting. The events chosen are dependent upon the venue. Non-stop wilderness navigation, lack of sleep, and constant physical and mental strain requires tremendous team strategy; teams must finish the race together.

Terri has competed in seven Eco-Challenge Expedition competitions, the Mild Seven Outdoor Quest in China, the ESPN X-Games Adventure Race, and the Raid Gauloises in Tibet and Nepal. She has also raced La Ruta de Los Conquistadores a multi-day mountain bike race across Costa Rica as well as many 50 to 100-mile endurance runs and several seven-day running stage races in Costa Rica, the Gobi Desert in China and the Sahara Desert in Egypt. She has climbed peaks on four continents, while sharing the fruits of these experiences with others. In her various athletic endeavors as a world class triathlete, elite adventure racer, and ultra runner, Terri regularly engages in physical, psychological, and emotional challenges that most people can only imagine. She thrives in the extremes of deserts, jungles, and mountains and finds comfort in the uncomfortable life lessons those landscapes offer.

Terri has persevered through challenging team dynamics and hardship on all levels. She offers her insight gained from these experiences, as well as her expertise achieved through her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology and her M.A. in Sports Psychology, with an emphasis on team dynamics and risk taking, to help others push through and past pre-constructed finish lines.

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What Terri Schneider Talks About:

As in ultra-endurance races, there will always be intense challenges in business. Your company’s success hinges on the way your team approaches those challenges. Will they back down or step up and view challenges as opportunities to grow and reach beyond what they thought was possible for themselves and your company?

Through her unforgettable multimedia presentations and charismatic speaking style, Terri motivates audiences to embrace challenge. She delivers the valuable and practical insight you need to succeed. With her M.A. in Sports Psychology Terri’s done research on team dynamics and risk taking and she believes that the challenges we endure are the ultimate opportunities that mold us as teammates and into powerful individuals. She will captivate your audience through her dynamic, inspirational, and visually stunning presentations that are customized to suit your unique agenda and audience.

The Power of Team

A powerful team calls for each individual to continually raise the bar in what we can offer our teams. Each team member represents a crucial brick needed in developing the foundation for a powerful team dynamic. The true power of team is achieved when each team member welcomes challenge as an opportunity to learn and continually grow into that optimal teammate. This two-part program is fully customized to hone in on the challenges and hot points specific to your company.

The Power of Team will supercharge the effectiveness of your teams by delving deeply into crucial team building skills, including communication, adaptation, risk taking, challenge, endurance and more. The Power of Team package includes:

  • A Speaking presentation: an educational and compelling keynote presentation and slide show on the essential aspects of building strong teams and being an effective team player.
  • As well as an (optional) Team mastery workshop : a hands-on idea/solution session that breaks the larger group down into smaller groups. This activity gives participants the opportunity to directly engage the concepts Terri has presented. Participants examine their current level of contribution and effectiveness as team players and identify what they can do specifically to increase their effectiveness. Additionally, the workshop focuses team members on creating their Team Vision and a detailed action plan to achieve this Vision.

Additional themes imputed in this program are; confidence, respect, being exceptional, breaking through challenges, accepting diversity, commitment, shelving ego and more.

Doing Amazing

We can learn new skills, set goals, or imagine what could be in our lives, but if our desire is in
place, why not go really big and reach for Amazing. Your choices and experiences represent the
foundation needed for going after Amazing in your life but the driving force of Amazing is
experienced as we continue to fine tune what we gain from our experiences; our tenacity|
endurance, strength and adaptability. Whether it’s academics, career, an athletic endeavor, an
adventure or humanitarian effort, don’t settle for just getting the job done – go after Amazing! In
conjunction with a slide show of her world adventures Terri will highlight several amazing stories,
as well as discuss what it means to Do Amazing in your own life.

She’ll offer her 10 Points for Doing Amazing while inspiring you to take on an amazing
project, activity or event. Additional themes imputed in this presentation are; passion, goal setting,
confidence, risk taking, beyond potential, being exceptional, embracing challenge, awareness|
mastery and more.

The Art of Calculated Risk Taking
Calculated risk taking is essential to personal and professional achievement while offering us the elixir, the magic tool, needed for success – confidence. Knowing how to take risks allows us to constantly move forward and optimally redefine who we are and how we view our lives. Risking takes courage and courage is like a muscle that builds and builds the more it is used. Risk is a virtue for growth and adaptation and the more we exercise our courage to risk the more we will create new and demanding experiences while learning about the full spectrum of human experience in our relationships, play, and work. Creating an extraordinary life and accomplishing extraordinary things is a direct result of practicing calculated risk taking well and embracing the ever-deepening learning process of the courageous life.

With an exciting slide show backdrop, Terri will offer the secrets to becoming skilled at risk taking, while opening the door to your new, exciting, and continually changing world. Additional themes imputed in this presentation are; chance, uncertainty, choice, being exceptional, passion, awareness, facing fear, mastery and more.

Mental Training for Sport and Life

Through this captivating slide show Terri will put forward the possibility of each participant for creating a personalized Mental Training Program in order to reach untapped power in their lives. This program is inspiring and motivational while covering general theories behind mental training, awareness, and mindfulness. Terri will share her experiences, and research in this arena while offering participants powerful methods that will change the way they do their work, sport and lives. Additional themes imputed in this program are; confidence, attribution, goal setting, self talk, affirmations, commitment, adaptability, reaching beyond potential, endurance and more.

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