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About Tim Gard - Pioneer in Humour-Based Training & Stress Resiliency, Corporate Entertainer, Emcee and Author:

Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE, is a tears-in-your-eyes-laugh-out-loud speaker who teaches people to be more resilient and resourceful, and coaches businesses on how to enhance productivity and employee enthusiasm. Talented, innovative, and memorable - Tim provides amazing take-home value delivered with his one-of-a-kind presentation style. Discover the business advantages of happiness, kindness and laughter. Learn how attitude impacts your productivity, your relationships and your life.

An internationally recognized authority on stress resiliency and conflict resolution, Tim’s easy-to implement techniques provide audiences with ways to diffuse, deal with - and even avoid intensely
stressful encounters. When relating to business leaders, Tim “walks his talk” as a successful business owner himself for more than 20 years. Before starting his business, he worked in the Sales Industry - as well as State and Federal Government in Human Services, as a fraud investigator. Tim is also a navy veteran.

As a keynote speaker, he ensures every event starts with a bang and/or concludes with everyone sharing a renewed, positive sense of purpose. Tim is also available as an outstanding emcee facilitating the day’s activities or hosting an evening awards banquet.

Tim has achieved the highest honours and recognition in his industry, including being selected by Meeting Planners Magazine as one of the “Best speakers ever seen or heard on the main stage.”

Tim’s down-to-earth style and real-life humour leaves a lasting impression that audiences will benefit from for years to come. His skillful use of ordinary items in extraordinary ways and extraordinary items in everyday ways - make him one of the most popular main stage speakers on the platform today.

Becoming more resilient is not about telling jokes or laughing at everything. Instead of making light of serious issues, Tim shines a light on unseen possibilities for solutions to difficult situations. He demonstrates how to be professional, yet light-hearted throughout all his programs.

Without a doubt, Tim’s keynotes consistently deliver on these two promises:

  • A hilarious shared experience
  • Take-home value that improves performance and workplace attitude

As a business speaker, Tim shows leaders how to enhance productivity and employee enthusiasm using his humour stress diffusion tactics in everyday situations. He facilitates an unforgettable experience that improves the quality of interactions. At the same time, he’s instilling an enthusiasm for non-malicious mischief that no one should live without!

For two decades, Tim has provided hilariously entertaining, fast-paced, and informative programs from Texas to Tasmania. His universal message translates to a diverse range of audiences of every size.

Author of Just Plane Funny and My Policy Manual and co-author of Motivational Leaders and Humor Me - Tim also offers his own line of “stress buster” tools that are marketed worldwide.

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What Tim Gard Talks About:

Change the Game
When your organization needs training on how to reduce stress and dysfunction, it’s time to Change the Game!

Life is a game; business is a game; travel is a game. Well, literally everything is a game that usually involves winners, losers, and spectators. This ‘Change the Game’ keynote helps you discover how to change any game to your advantage – when encountering situational stressors, toxic people, and various challenges inherent to life.

The pressure to accomplish more with less, meet tight deliverable expectations, and respond with professional promptness can create stress, cause team dysfunction – and even decrease morale. The attitude that “everything seems so serious, heavy, and intense” is more than unproductive; it’s a truly unhealthy way to work and live!

Reduce stress to boost morale & teamwork! Participants learn how one person can “change the game” for all players by applying easy-to-understand and hard-to-forget concepts – ones that champions have been using for centuries in sports, business, and life in general. Providing a shift in perspective and approach can influence the playing experience for everyone in a multitude of tangible and valuable ways. Learn how to reduce stress in this hilarious keynote! Using the game of marbles as a metaphor, Tim proves that overly complicated tasks can become surprisingly uncomplicated – FAST!

Tim personally consults with event coordinators both before and after each event. He wants to ensure that every participant receives a bag of marbles to aid in implementing ‘Change the Game’ tools, tactics, and strategies. This keepsake ingrains the newly developed philosophy for overcoming what seemed to be impossible or unrealistic challenges.

Developing A Comic Vision®
Employee motivation at its funniest! Is employee motivation important to you?? Tim Gard’s Comic Vision® keynote is as funny as it is inspiring and content rich. A motivational speaker, Tim will teach audience members to develop and apply their own Comic Vision® to be more resourceful and resilient – both at work and in their personal lives. Tim’s rejuvenating message helps increase employee morale while enhancing productivity and everyday enthusiasm in three easy-to-adopt steps.

Tim’s unique, yet practical ideas also help people diffuse routine or extreme stress by insulating themselves against negativity. They’re able to “refresh and renew” themselves by using and sharing his Comic Vision® techniques. More than that, his funny, morale-building stories and extraordinary visual props make this keynote a hilarious way to start or close your meeting.

When customizing this program for your event, Tim doesn’t make light of your organization’s serious situations. Rather, he shines a light on them to reveal previously unseen possibilities – and solutions. Employee motivation and corporate entertainment at its most productive!

Developing a Comic Vision® can be adapted to between 45-minutes and 3 hours, depending on your program needs.

Leadership: Tao of Humour
This breakout session, Leadership: Tao of Humour, amplifies the Comic Vision® “good, clean humour philosophy” by providing deeper insights into stress reduction and Tim’s humour plan. It emphasizes how to deal with stress and guidelines that are crucial to applying humour as a business skill. Humour can positively affect productivity at work. As a strategic skill – it plays a constructive part in communication, morale, and stress reduction. Explore ways to steer clear of controversial humour that may become a source of problems and complaints. Learn how to use humour that enhances (and never diminishes) workplace culture – while improving morale and ultimately customer service. Tim is more than a humourist and motivational speaker, but a stress reduction speaker sure to send spirits soaring in the office.

Powerful motivational leadership exists in individuals at every level of every type of organization, however – becoming an effective motivational leader is a choice and a talent. Just as any skill or talent can be developed, so can anyone who truly desires to become an exceptional motivational leader – and Leadership: Tao of Humour is a GREAT way to get things started! There is no one-size-fits-all model because everyone brings varying skills and degrees of leadership ability, all of which must be identified, understood and honed. In this fun-filled motivational leadership workshop, discover your own leadership style and learn what it takes to bring your unique motivational leadership abilities to the next level.

Explore how motivational leadership and authority are two very different things – and how the effective use of humour can be a powerful tool in reinforcing motivational leadership (regardless of where you are in your personal leadership development plan).

Motivational leadership means long-term solutions! Motivational leadership is vital element within every successful business and team. Working with Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE is a powerful experience that will certainly open your mind to possibilities – and ignite your drive to revive!

Secrets of Choosing & Using Props™
The right prop, used at just the right time, can help to convey our ideas, assist our listeners in grasping and remembering our message – and may mean the difference between a learning experience and a learning ordeal. Used effectively, props become visual, auditory, and/or kinesthetic items that allow any audience to better experience your stories and reinforce your message… Secrets of Choosing & Using Props will help you do just that! With a little training and practice, anyone can find props anywhere and be able to use ordinary items in extraordinary ways, in the moment!

Secrets of Choosing & Using Props ™ – the formula to using ordinary items in extraordinary ways, and extraordinary items in everyday ways:

  • Reinforce your perspective!
  • Engage with others!
  • Strengthen memorability!
  • Increase your “happiness profits”!
  • Capitalize on opportunities to share good humour!
  • Have MORE FUN with yourself, and others – everyday!

This program is available as a 1.5 hour Keynote presentation, Half-day, Full-day or 2-day Workshop! Participants receive Tim’s handout as well – as the benefit of tremendous insights that will change their humour perspective and enhance their humour skills both at work and at home!

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Tim did so much more than just ‘perform his act’. He wasn’t simply trying to find buzz words and catch phrases to work into his ‘show’ - he does truly get it: that business conference attendees are people - people who have experiences, frustrations, stories of their own and a sense of humour.

VP, Marketing, North America – Westcon Group

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