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About Tim Moore - Member of Generational Insight and Marketing, Sales and Training Speaker:

Tim Moore is an accomplished author and speaker with over three decades of experience in marketing, sales, and training. He is Owner and Principal of the sales consultancy Dancing Elephants. Also working with Generational Insights, Moore is part of a team that has become the leading voice on the impact of generational differences in culture, sales, marketing, and management. He combines the research of Generational Insights with his own professional experience, in addition to observations of client practices - to provide generational strategies and solutions for sales-based business relationships.

Moore's experience in sales and training spans over thirty years and has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies, including PepsiCo, Gillette, Dow Chemical, and L'Oreal USA. At L'Oreal, he was a divisional Director of Business Development. At Dow Chemical, he was National Sales Director for DowBrands - and received Diamond Club honours as the top salesperson in the company. At Gillette, he received the Gillette VIP award as one of the company's top sales professionals.

Moore has written articles on sales and training - and teaches classes and seminars in sales at universities and community colleges. He is co-author of Six Secrets of Sales Magnets. He has prepared reports and presentations for companies and organizations across the country. His presentations benefit from years of hands-on know-how as well as his great sense of humour. Moore is Editor of the magazine Carolina Business Connection - and Director of Workforce Learning and Sales Development at the information technology consultancy WingSwept in North Carolina's Research Triangle region.

Moore holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Elon University, where he was student body president. He grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia and lives with his wife of 33 years, Linda - and their two adult children in Cary, North Carolina.

Tim is one of about 75 million Baby Boomers who are still busy changing the world!

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What Tim Moore Talks About:

For the first time in history, four distinct generations – Matures, Boomers, Xers and Millennials – are employed side by side in the workplace. With differing values and seemingly incompatible views on leadership, these generations have stirred up unprecedented conflict in the business world. Effective management of this generational divide is vital to longevity and success. In fact, it is the most important demand your company can make of its leaders.

Eliminating generational discord is grounded in understanding what makes each tick.

  • What are their core values?
  • What do they expect of their leaders?
  • How do they define success?
  • How are they different than you?

In this engaging presentation, Tim Moore answers these questions and more. Learn how each generation developed its core values, how that manifests in the workplace today – and why they can all not only operate alongside each other, but do so with extraordinary success. This program provides the generational insight, concrete examples and specific approaches to help frustrated managers build the individual connections needed – to boost employee performance and retention.

Walk away from this experience knowing:

  • Common generational characteristics
  • Specific leadership needs of each generation
  • The new definition of company loyalty
  • Fresh guidelines for team building

As you will learn, the only common ground is the intensity with which each generation holds fast to its value systems. Understanding and respecting those generational biases are critical to bringing out the best in every employee.

The first rule of selling is steadfast – know your customer. With four distinct generations playing active roles in the buying decisions of companies worldwide, that tenet is increasingly difficult to fulfill. It is no longer enough to be personable and knowledgeable about your product. To succeed in today’s business climate, you need to approach each buyer with an informed generational perspective – recognizing the underlying biases, values and expectations that pave the way to yes.

In this presentation, Tim Moore looks inside each generation’s core values to identify what forms their buying decisions – and gives you the understanding required to develop a solid sales process based on known generational biases and business preferences.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify subtle shifts that indicate upcoming leadership changes
  • Create a fast and genuine connection with new customers
  • Sell to your customers expectations – not your own
  • Build or rebuild trust between the generations
  • Highlight appropriate product selling points for each audience
  • Avoid common communication pitfalls

Throughout the presentation you will see how companies today are effectively engaging generational marketing techniques – to appeal to the unique decision-making traits of each generation: Matures, Boomers, Xers and Millennials.

Changing dynamics require changing strategies. What you did yesterday may not work with today’s decision maker. Prepare your sales team with the information they need to be successful in today’s marketplace.

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Tim did a terrific job - and the audience enjoyed the subject matter and his delivery. Thanks again Tim!

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