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About Vicki Hitzges - Motivational Speaker and Author, using Humor and Storytelling to create dynamic teams and cultivate great working environments:

Vicki Hitzges (“Hits’ guess”) is an expert in creating positive work environments.  (Whether the work takes place at home or in a commercial building.)

Vicki knows her stuff. She first ramped up her speaking skills as a Dallas TV news anchor. In her early 20’s, she was named Bureau Chief at KTVT in Dallas, at the time, the largest, independent television station in the nation. Next, she anchored for the NBC affiliate (KRIS) in Corpus Christi, TX where she won the National Headliner Award from the Press Club of Atlantic City. She then co-hosted the Dallas Cowboy’s weekly TV show, Special Edition, before becoming a publicist. That matters to you because she tells interesting stories and edits sizzling videos that inform and entertain.

As a publicist, one of her clients included the man then considered the world’s top motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar. Impressed with her creativity, Zig urged Vicki to speak and personally mentored her.

Vicki speaks across the world to associations, companies, and universities who want a proven, strong message about teamwork, customer service, and how to keep a positive work environment.

Vicki holds a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) title. When she earned that honor in 2004, only seven percent of speakers held it worldwide--and just a few hundred women.

She’s authored two books, the first of which sold out the first day! Bam!  All 5,000 copies! Gone! That book, Attitude is Everything – 10 Steps to Staying Positive, sells internationally as does her second book, Stuck on Stop – How to Quit Procrastinating.

Vicki enjoys interesting sermons and stories, clean comedy, chocolate, lively conversation, and crushing opponents in board games.  (Not necessarily in that order.)

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What Vicki Hitzges Talks About: 

Put Away the Lawnmower, Charlie, Those Are Trees Out There
(Team Work/Customer Service)
Interactive, fun presentation designed to teach and remind your people how to connect. Skills learned: How to make a positive first impression. How to communicate. How to listen. How to encourage others. How to see the best in bad situations.

Baby, Take Off Your Stress – You Can Leave Your Hat On (How to Relieve Stress)
We’re stressed!!! But, in this high-energy presentation, your group will get the cure. They’ll discover the dangers of stress, why they feel it, learn five tried-and-true ways to banish stress, and practice eight, wacky ways to zap stress instantly. Highly interactive. Terrific keynote or fun breakout.

What Vince Lombardi, Mary Kay & an Old Crank Can Teach You
(Inspirational Speech)
Learn from the best – a legendary football coach and a business superstar and even pick up a tip or two from an old curmudgeon. Your people will learn how to build strong relationships, risk enough to get ahead, boost their self-esteem, plus get — and keep — a positive attitude. Best of all, they’ll laugh as they learn.

Attitude Shmattitude (How to Stay Positive)
Do your people need an attitude adjustment? This program will send your attendees back to work with a new outlook! Based on Vicki’s international best-seller, Attitude Is Everything — 10 Steps to Staying Positive.

Old Dogs – New Tricks (Conquer the Challenge of Change)
If your organization feels the strain of going through change, you’re not alone!

The good news: Your people CAN change! This breakout presentation tells how.

How to Stop Procrastinating
Why we do it
Why other people do it, and
What to do about it.

Your people will understand the cause and leave with the cure, ready to take action.

Vicki will teach your group crucial people skills as well as how to stay positive and productive. As a result, they’ll feel better about themselves which will lead to strong teams, loyal customers, more finished projects and a fatter bottom line.

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