Violet Rainwater


  • Violet talks about how past programming keeps professionals stuck in survival mode and unable to operate at their full potential using blends cutting-edge science with personal mental models in this motivating and entertaining keynote.
  • Audiences leave with an innovative framework to unleash their own performance, and share the gifts that they came to share, immediately after the presentation.
  • Violet Rainwater comes from an extensive background in corporate sales in the financial service industry and is a 9-time Million Dollar Round Table Qualifier, highly respected speaker and workshop facilitator.
  • Past clients include: Jackson National Life, Allstate, Dermalogica, Bysis, Paychex, Monster, Arcona, Choice Hotel, and US Bank.

About Violet Rainwater - Modern Day Rainmaker & Sales Architect:

Affectionately known as The Rainmaker, Violet Rainwater delivers high energy, value packed presentations that equip professionals to drive sales with ease, efficiency and extraordinary results. By teaching a modern sales system that addresses both the technical and the transformational components of selling, Violet empowers professionals to act and achieve their highest potential in their careers and in their personal endeavors.

With an extensive background in corporate sales in the financial service industry, Violet worked her way up from an assistant position to finishing first in her company year after year. She is a 9-time Million Dollar Round Table Qualifier, a designation held by less than 8 percent of all financial professionals. Using her extensive studies in sales psychology, digital technology and two decades of boots on the ground experience , she teaches teams how to plan, design, and construct sales systems that help them stand out, connect more deeply with their prospects and customers and optimize their book of business.

As a highly respected speaker and workshop facilitator, Violet delivers value-packed and engaging keynotes that fuse sales psychology, real-world experience, digital technology and high-energy fun. Participants walk away, equipped, engaged, and energized with modern day sales tools to connect and convert in the new business landscape. She has had the privilege of speaking to a wide variety of organizations including Jackson National Life, Allstate, Dermalogica, Bysis, Paychex, Monster, Arcona, Choice Hotel, US Bank, and many more.

While most of Violet’s sales education and training has come from twenty years of experience in the trenches, she also received an undergraduate degree from San Francisco State University and she earned an MBA from the University of Phoenix. As a devoted yogi, avid reader, and lover of everything chocolate, when she’s not helping architect sales systems for clients or delivering keynotes, you’ll find her on her yoga mat or hiking the beautiful Rockies where she lives with her husband and 9-year-old twins.

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What Violet Rainwater talks about: 

The Self Revolution: How to Break Free & Unlock Your Highest Potential

Violet’s inspiring and informative speaking style has been transforming sales professionals and entrepreneurs across the nation. Blending cutting-edge science with personal experiences, she inspires audience members to break free of past conditioning and unleash their greatest potential. Fusing organizational psychology, real-world experience, and authentic storytelling, participants walk away inspired and equipped with a modern-day toolbox to thrive in the new workplace and move the needle from the inside out. 

In this informative and high-energy presentation, you’ll learn about: 

  • How your earliest mental programming can limit your ability to succeed.
  • Discover the triggers that derail your results and keep you stuck in survival mode.
  • Learn how to incorporate the power of neuroplasticity and excel during seasons of adversity and change.
  • Incorporate a three-step formula that you can use in your business to grow and scale. 


The Sales Revolution: How to Innovate in Order to Dominate

Too many sales teams are still operating within the confines of the systems (or lack of systems) that were put into place long ago. Never before has the need to have a fresh perspective and transformative sales tools been so apparent. The first to understand and implement these technologies will have a competitive advantage over those who wait or do nothing at all.

As a sales architect with over two decades of experience, Violet Rainwater builds solutions that move the needle and teaches innovative techniques that open doors and drive results. Violet’s knowledge of the latest technology, future work trends, and how to optimize a book of business has made her a favorite among business owners and sales professionals. Get ready to forget everything you know about sales, Violet is going to show you how to do it the Rainmaker’s Way.

In this informative and high-energy presentation, you’ll learn about: 

  • Innovative techniques to rise above the noise and differentiate in a crowded market.
  • Cutting-edge strategies to open more doors and close more business.
  • Systems that move the needle and keep you happy.
  • Secrets to growing a book of business in the modern workplace.


The Social Selling Revolution: How to Connect, Communicate & Convert Sales in the Modern Workplace

In this program, Business Speaker and Sales Architect Violet Rainwater educates participants about how social selling has transformed the art of sales and how to use it to connect with your target market, communicate the right message, and convert with ease.

A recent study by LinkedIn found that 70% of social sellers outsell their competition that doesn’t use social media, yet so many sales professionals and small business owners have yet to tap into the power of using LinkedIn to grow their book of business. As a LinkedIn content creator and influencer, Violet shares her own successes in utilizing Linkedin to secure six-figure contracts (from making one video), connecting with strategic alliances, and even making friends along the way.

In this informative and high-energy presentation, you’ll learn about: 

  • LinkedIn sales hacks to grow and scale your book of business.
  • The tricks for gaining visibility among your ideal customers.
  • Powerful content techniques for your target market.
  • Insider secrets about creating consistent lead flow utilizing LinkedIn.

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    “Spend five minutes with Violet and you will immediately start seeing the world in a different light. Her unique style will captivate your audience whether they are your employees, salespeople, or partners. She customizes her message to fit your organization's needs and offers techniques to achieve immediate results. Her positive message is based on scientific evidence and delivered in a simple, colorful and very absorbable manner. If you are looking for a keynote speaker or a motivational workshop I would highly recommend her services.”

    VP Marketing, SAP

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