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About Wayne Pepper - Speaker on Productivity and Motivation:

For the past 30 years Wayne has worked within both the consulting and creative industries. By encouraging his clients to bring rigor and focus to the creative process they consistently experience profound, significant, and lasting results.  While Wayne currently services organizations in the creative realm in Southern California he has done extensive work with Fortune 100 companies, service organizations, and educational concerns.

Previous to creating Wayne Pepper Consulting in 2014, Wayne held a senior position for 9 years at the David Allen Company, speaking and consulting around the Getting Things Done™ approach to productivity. For 15 years prior Wayne worked within the entertainment and marketing worlds, holding account management and content creation roles at 20th Century Fox, Creative Artists Agency, Grey Advertising, and IGN Entertainment. During his tenure with those organizations, he was given a first-hand look into how the right structure can make all the difference in a creative setting.

Wayne's passion for the creative process began with acting and directing at Wesleyan University, and at UCLA, where he holds an MFA in Theater Directing.

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What Wayne Pepper Talks About:

GTD – Getting Things Done
Based on David Allen’s international best-selling book, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, this dynamic keynote provides an introductory overview of the Getting Things Done workflow process and how it can be implemented and utilized to create the relaxed control needed to keep focused on the right stuff. Participants will hear about the critical five phases of dealing effectively with the volume of stuff we all have, and get highlights of the powerful system for taming the overload created in today’s warp speed business environment. It’s possible to feel great about what you’re doing, but only when you feel great about what you’re not doing. The speech covers the areas that most people can improve, to get work done with less effort, and provides practical techniques everyone can use to immediately make a difference in their productivity. Participants will learn key principles that have emerged from many years of coaching some of the best, brightest, and busiest people in the world.

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    Wayne uses humor, patience and superhero active listening to truly understand his clients and get at the core of what’s holding our productivity back. I appreciated his ability to pinpoint challenge areas for me in an honest, "tell-it-like-it-is" fashion and most importantly, to provide actionable solutions.

    Michelle Sullivan, VP, National Geographic Kids Video & Digital Initiatives

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