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About Keith Ferrazzi - Best-Selling Author and Speaker on Business Relationship Development and Organizational Change:

Keith Ferrazzi is one of the rare individuals to discover the essential formula for reaching the top - a powerful combination of marketing acumen and a remarkable ability to connect with others. Both Forbes and Inc. have designated him one of the world's most connected individuals.

Ferrazzi grew up in Pittsburgh; his father a steelworker, his mother a cleaning lady. His father worked double shifts to send him to the very best prep schools - and ultimately to Yale undergrad and Harvard Business School - imbuing in Ferrazzi a sense of gratitude that has deeply influenced his message: Generosity in relationships as the cornerstone of success.

Thanks to that remarkable insight, Ferrazzi has developed a network of relationships that stretches from Washington's corridors of power, to America's top corporate leaders, to Hollywood's A-list.

As Founder and CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight, he provides market leaders with strategic consulting and training services to increase company sales and enhance personal careers. Ferrazzi Greenlight strategically leverages the insight of its executive team, whose careers span the highest echelons of corporate America, along with principles from Ferrazzi's best-selling book, Never Eat Alone, which has been recognized as one of the best business books of 2005, 2006, and 2007. His recent book, Who's Got Your Back?, guides readers to develop an intimate inner circle, a handful of people who they trust completely to hold them accountable to ever higher levels of achievement.

Ferrazzi is a frequent contributor to CNN and CNBC. He has authored numerous articles for leading business and consumer publications, including Forbes, Inc., The Wall Street Journal, the Harvard Business Review, and Reader's Digest. He has been named a Global Leader of Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum, one of the top 40 Under 40 business leaders by Crain's Business, one of the most distinguished young Californians by the Jaycees, and one of the most creative Americans in Richard Wurman's Who's Really Who. Ferrazzi's extraordinary rise to prominence, which includes a stint as the youngest Chief Marketing Officer in the Fortune 500, has even inspired a Stanford Business School case study.

As CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight, he draws upon a rich professional history to guide organizations and business leaders worldwide. Ferrazzi was previously Chief Marketing Officer at Starwood Hotels, where he oversaw marketing activities for global brands including Sheraton, Westin, The Luxury Collection, St. Regis, and W Hotels. Ferrazzi also served as Chief Marketing Officer for Deloitte Consulting, a leading global management consulting firm, where he developed and managed the industry's first globally integrated marketing organization. His creative marketing strategy drove the ascent of Deloitte's Consulting brand recognition from the lowest in the industry to a primary position and spurred the highest featured growth rate in the industry.

Ferrazzi actively supports numerous civic, charitable, and educational organizations. He serves on the Yale University Board of Alumni Governors and the Board of Trustees of the Kiski School, and is also a Fellow of the Berkeley College at Yale. Additionally, Ferrazzi founded Big Task Weekend, an annual executive roundtable focused on how businesses can help contribute to America's health and wellness. Ferrazzi's interests also include an examination of the relationship between leadership success and spirituality.

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What Keith Ferrazzi Talks About:

Keith's Company Challenge:

The Change Challenge
It was 15 years ago that the world was shocked to learn that change management success rates hovered at only 30 percent. Keith Ferrazzi's speech, The Change Challenge, will shock you again with his revelation that transformation success remains stuck at 30 percent today... and inspire you with how to fix it.

Keith and his firm Ferrazzi Greenlight, with a methodology grounded in research and refined through 10+ years of field experience, transform the behaviors that keep organizations from achieving leadership's strategic vision. His Behavior Transformation System has been celebrated by Global 500 Leaders for assuring our people can execute the strategy at hand.

The author of the #1 NY Times best-selling book Who's Got Your Back? on behavior change is at his best speaking about transformations of iconic global companies. Keith's Ferrazzi Greenlight consultants are behaviorists, focused on cracking the code of human behavior in the workplace. Through a decade of secondary and primary research at the Greenlight Research Institute, thousands of interviews and dozens of Global 500 interventions responsible for billions of dollars of accretive revenue, Keith learned that companies don't change, people do.

Onstage, Keith brings to life Ferrazzi Greenlight's long-established practices around changing organizational behavior at more than a dozen companies including Accenture, eBay, Dow, and BT. He describes how coaching to increase trust and collaboration has improved the effectiveness of Global 500 leadership teams. And he details the two-year project at GM that has improved customer experience to the tune of $798 million for each percentage point improvement in customer retention. The secret: Changing HQ and field management misbehavior to a new Trusted Advisor approach towards its dealers.

But every Challenge talk is unique to its audience. An FG consultant conducts a dozen or more interviews with senior managers to identify what the highest return behavior changes among what key constituencies will help achieve their strategic objectives. These old way behaviors are prescribed with new way behaviors and audience members are ignited to begin their own transformation immediately. These changes are supported by ongoing coaching and feedback so measurable results can begin to be identified from the moment Keith leaves the stage.

Key Takeaways from The Change Challenge:

  • The key constituent groups whose behavior needs to change
  • For each group, the key behaviors you want to change presented
  • For each behavior, what are the blockers hindering the new way?
  • What are the enablers to make your desired new way a reality?

Relationship Development for Growth and Success:

Relationships for Revenue Growth
Ideal Audience: People who drive revenue, believe that relationships are critical to success but lack systematic focus on them, and want to boost sales. Sales forces, executive leadership or any revenue-producing organization.

Key Takeaways from Relationships for Revenue Growth:

  • Keith Ferrazzi's secrets to productivity through relationships
  • Techniques that instantly set prospects at ease and differentiate you from your competition
  • Increased customer loyalty, shortened sales cycles, increased effectiveness in C-Suite level sales, and a more robust referral pipeline
  • A new accountability strategy that will enhance performance and commitment
  • Ferrazzi Greenlight's exclusive relationship management system which sales forces will use not only because it drives results, but because it is fun!

Collaboration for Team Success
Ideal Audience: Any organization that would benefit from intentional focus and investment in collaboration and teamwork - internally and externally.

Takeaways from Collaboration for Team Success:

  • A systematic approach for collaborative problem-solving
  • Specific methods for creating a safe environment where innovation and creativity can flourish
  • Keith's exclusive Relationship Action Plan: Identifying and building optimization strategies around the relationships critical to your team's success
  • A framework for building a Relational Culture by making the 4 mindsets of Intimacy, Generosity, Candor and Accountability the cornerstone of your corporate culture

Relationships for Leadership Success and High-Performance Teams
Ideal Audience: Leaders who are committed to helping their teams build the collaborative, supportive relationships that ensure their long-term success.

Takeaways from Relationships for Leadership Success and High-Performance Teams include:

  • Immediate ways to implement the four mindsets of optimal relationships
  • Keith's process for accelerating intimacy so that colleagues display trust and candor in conversations with each other and direct reports
  • Turbo-charged accountability that enhances performance and commitment
  • Greater transparency for increased alignment around decision making
  • A renewed commitment to constant self-evaluation that will inspire change at every level of the organization

Relationships for Success Through Diversity
Ideal Audience: Organizations that want to harness the potential of an increasingly diverse workforce. Teams that see the value in leveraging different perspectives to come together in new ways that lead to unprecedented levels of innovation and creativity.

Key Takeaways from Success Through Diversity include:

  • Keys to accelerating intimacy so that colleagues display trust and candor within and across levels - leading to better business outcomes
  • A team based format for refining goals and strategic plans
  • Tools to identify and overcome career crippling bad habits
  • Keys to sustaining a commitment to excellence and growth over time
  • A group commitment to not let each other fail

Relationships for Successful Project Management
Ideal Audience: Leadership and project teams who understand that relationship building and consensus are critical to effective innovation, risk management and corporate growth.

Takeaways from Relationships for Successful Project Management include can't fail techniques that:

  • Tap into the primal urge to collaborate, integrating instinct with modern tools and techniques
  • Strengthen the most critical relationships to ensure team buy-in and success
  • Instantly increase team cohesion by creating a "nobody fails" atmosphere
  • Create a safe place where innovation and creativity flourish
  • Identify and focus resources on the relationships that are most critical to your team's success
  • Build a Relational Culture based on the four mindsets of Intimacy, Generosity, Candor and Accountability and make these mindsets the cornerstone of your corporate culture

8 Barriers to Organizational Behavior Change:
Ideal Audience: Leaders who have identified strategic goals for their organization and acknowledge that there are key behaviors which need to change among employees in order for a transformation to take place.

Key Takeaways from 8 Barriers to Organizational Behavior Change:

  • Typical HR training doesn't help execute on needed behavioral shifts
  • People become addicted to behavioral patterns and this is why change is hard. Companies need a clear change system and its people need coaching
  • Businesses need to pay more attention to the influence of advice (people are more affected by peers than they realize) and persuasion (people are more inclined to take a given action when others are doing the same)
  • Influence is the new productivity. Relationships drive behaviors; barriers are overcome by leveraging coaching via peer to peer networks

Improving the Customer Experience by Transforming Managers into Trusted Advisors:
Ideal Audience: Organizations with a stratified structure that relies on regional representatives to disseminate and promote the goals from corporate headquarters. Organizations that are seeking new ways to grow and improve their customers' experience.

Key Takeaways from Improving the Customer Experience by Transforming Managers into Trusted Advisors:

  • A systematic approach for collaborative problem-solving
  • Specific methods for creating a safe environment where innovation and creativity can flourish
  • Keith's exclusive Relationship Action Plan: Identifying and building optimization strategies around the relationships critical to your team's success
  • A framework for building a Relational Culture by making the 4 mindsets of Intimacy, Generosity, Candor and Accountability the cornerstone of your corporate culture

New Rules for the Virtual Workplace: Managing Virtual Meetings, Teams, and Employees
Ideal Audience: Any organization facing the realities of an increasingly virtual workplace, seeking solutions to host better meetings, manage remote teams more effectively and efficiently, and better leverage the advancements in technology.

Key Takeaways / Topics of Interest from New Rules for the Virtual Workplace:

  • Why Off-Sites Should Go Virtual
  • How Successful Virtual Teams Collaborate
  • Ways to Run Better Virtual Meetings
  • How Virtual Teams Can Outperform Traditional Teams
  • Managing Conflict in Virtual Teams
  • How to Build Trust in a Virtual Workplace
  • Evaluating the Employees You Can't See

Non-Profit / Association / University Topics:

Supercharging Networking and Creating Community | How to Build Relationships for the Next 25+ Years
Ideal Audience: Membership-based organizations - associations, societies, alliances. Organizations that are only as strong as the connections between members.

This unique 4-part offering delivers a comprehensive system for building meaningful collaborative relationships that ensure a powerful, successful future for your organization.

  • Preparation: To create lively conversation and member-driven community in anticipation of Keith's presentation, organization leadership is guided in the use of social media and rich content to build excitement for the event.
  • Permission: Keith's inspired live event creates a safe environment where participants are given permission to let their guards down and be human - the key to increased connection.
  • Practice: Facilitated interactions guide members to practice creating instant intimacy with their colleagues. Participants initiate peer-coaching relationships - creating new connections and increasing collaboration within the organization.
  • Permanence: Lifeline Groups create structured sustainability, group members make specific commitments to support each individual's success. This formalized accountability and support continue long after the event has ended.

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Thanks to Keith, we moved from confusion and uncertainty to clarity. His methodology has enabled us to be more transparent with one another and helped our senior people focus on what they need to get done to drive our business.

Christopher Ludeman, President, CB Richard Ellis

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