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About Corinne Hancock - Speaker on Leading Teams in Chaotic Environments:

Corinne Hancock is a globally recognized expert in building world-class leaders, effective teams, and cultural proficiency in chaotic environments. With over a decade of international aid and development experience working around the world developing bold leaders, building highly effective teams, delivering medical trainings and delivering medical care.

Corinne translates her expertise from working in chaotic environments into REAL RESULTS through EFFECTIVE and INTERACTIVE keynote presentations, corporate trainings and executive coaching, helping organizations and individuals THRIVE IN CHAOS.

Corinne Hancock is the former Director of Clinics and Training Programs for Project C.U.R.E., a global leader in bringing medical aid to low-income countries. She brought together multi-generational, multi-cultural teams to train leaders, open clinics and deliver medical care in some of the most remote locations on the planet. Corinne is a certified leadership coach and has worked on numerous contracts with the Department of State and Department of Defense, helping develop the next generation of African Leaders and improve health care systems in some of the most underserved, war torn parts of our world. She is now considered a leader in disrupting the model of aid in Africa. She regularly travels to countries across the African continent working with everyone from heads of state to tribal elders; from US Ambassadors to remote village community members. She challenges them all to create a better way to bring sustainable success to the areas that need it the most. She has worked in conjunction with several for-profit and non-governmental organizations to help them Thrive in Chaos.

Corinne is the Founder of The Curiosity Project, a nonprofit organization that provides health and entrepreneurial opportunities in countries where people have limited access to resources.

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What Corinne Hancock Talks About: Thriving In Chaos In business and in life, we’re put to the test not when things are going right, but when they get chaotic. How we react can be the difference between success and failure, and determine whether our team comes together or falls apart. Learn strategies to adapt your thoughts and plans on a moment’s notice, lead through uncertainty, and thrive in chaos. Using Corinne’s Chaos Ready Framework, we’ll explore how to get yourself chaos ready and how to stay in a mindset focused on solutions when chaos hits. We will explore what you do, how you respond and who you are during times of change and disruption. Participants will gain practical tools and ideas for how to rise to the occasion and to empower others, regardless of the organizational challenges. Value to team members:

  • Understanding and clarity on how your thoughts, actions and language influence others, and impact your ability to participate and thrive in chaos.
  • A tested framework to prepare yourself and your team to thrive in chaos, no matter the environment.
  • Tools and exercises you can immediately use to engage and inspire both yourself and your team regardless of situation.

Lead with Impact To be a leader today, it’s no longer sufficient to be a leader of appearance; you must be a leader of substance.  Your team doesn’t want to know just what you’ve done, but what you stand for, and trust your plan of action. Understanding the diverse perspectives of your team is a critical skill of great leaders.  It allows leaders to appreciate multiple points of view, build trust, and create the best plan for charging forward. Leading with Impact engages participants in receiving and sharing knowledge and lived experiences, exploring diverse ideas, and challenging assumptions and mindsets.  It gives participants practical tools and processed for receiving and reflecting on feedback all while creating a personal action plan that they can be put into action now What You’ll Get:

  • An interactive keynote with unexpected exercises that set up leadership learning
  • Strategies for communicating and listening as a leader of impact
  • Techniques to inspire teamwork and trust within diverse teams
  • The Five characteristics that the most effective leaders demonstrate

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She will challenge you to look at your life and whatever obstacles you may be facing in a different light, helping you examine those self-created roadblocks and what may be behind the fear stopping you from moving forward or making a change. She is authentic and amazingly intuitive. Corinne has an innate ability to go right to the core of a challenge at hand and present thought provoking questions you might not have even thought of.

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