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About Dane Jensen - Acclaimed speaker, media commentator, educator and author of The Power of Pressure

Dane Jensen is the CEO of third Factor, an acclaimed speaker, an instructor at Queen's University and the University of North Carolina, a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review, and the author of The Power of Pressure (HarperCollins).

Dane oversees Third Factor's delivery of leadership development programs to leading firms across North America, including RBC,  Asana, Microsoft, Starbucks, Pfizer and more.

He teaches in the Full-Time and Executive MBAs at Queen's Smith School of Business in Canada and is Affiliate Faculty with UNC Executive Development at the Kenan-Flagler Business School in Chapel Hill.

In addition to his corporate work, Dane works extensively with athletes, coaches, leaders, and boards across Canada's Olympic and Paralympic sport systems to enhance National competitiveness.

He has worked as an advisor to Senior Executives in 23 countries on 5 continents and is a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review.

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What Dane Jensen talks about:

The Power of Pressure
Nail the moments that matter.

How we navigate periods of intense pressure has a huge impact on the trajectory of our lives. It impacts how successful we are in our careers, how much we enjoy the journey, and how much regret we carry.

Drawing insights from his book, The Power of Pressure: Why Pressure Isn’t the Problem, It’s the Solution, Dane Jensen’s new keynote address introduces three powerful strategies for using pressure as an advantage.

Audiences will hear unforgettable stories of pressure, learn practical skills for performing in peak moments and over the long haul, and come away with renewed energy for tackling the biggest sources of pressure in their lives.

• Use the ‘pressure equation’ of importance, uncertainty and volume to anticipate and prepare for pressure
• Nail the peak pressure moments that can make or break a big sale, a crucial meeting, or define a career
• Maintain energy and motivation through long periods of sustained pressure to emerge with satisfaction and free from regret


Skills allow us to execute. Meta-skills like empathy, resilience, creativity, and self-awareness allow us to evolve.

As organizations and industries face increasingly rapid change and disruption, in which job descriptions are fluid and agility is essential, meta-skills are fast becoming the currency of talent.

Packed with ideas on both how to foster the development of meta-skills for yourself, and how to build meta-skilled teams and organizations, this keynote lays out a framework for future-proofing yourself and your company in a fast changing world.

• How the nature of work is being upended by rapid digitization and changing social norms.
• Six key meta-skills in three categories: See Clearly, Move Quickly, and Stay The Course.
• A four-step plan to start building meta-skilled organizations.

Meta-skills are the connective tissue that allow people and organizations to let go of the skills that have anchored their successful past and master and embrace new ways of working – in other words, to evolve. Packed with ideas on both how to foster the development of meta-skills for yourself, and how to build meta-skilled organizations as stewards of talent, this keynote lays out a framework for six key meta-skills that allow individuals and organizations to see clearly, move quickly, and stay the course.


3×4 Coaching
Learning coaching skills is the best way to dramatically increase your people’s commitment level and performance.

This keynote starts your powerful coaching journey. Combining first-hand examples from both the sport and corporate worlds with an innovative coaching framework, 3×4 Coaching provides a provocative taste and exploration of the possibilities of coaching. Audience members will become intrigued and stimulated by the potential impact of coaching in both their business and personal lives.

• How to embrace the “developmental bias” of a world-class coach.
• The 3 core plays great coaches execute on consistently: clarity, competence and recognition.
• The 4 key skills great coaches deploy: questioning, listening, feedback and confronting.

We are living in a time of extraordinary disruption. Agility has become more important than ever, and the ability to adapt has become a matter of survival for many companies.

For organizations to thrive through uncertainty and disruption, leaders must help their people re-skill: to coach them up the learning curves of new skills, to help them progress towards mastery, to tap into a growth mindset, and to get them excited about unlocking new potential and abilities.

Featuring a wealth of experience from Third Factor’s 30+ years of working with the world’s top coaches, the presentation explores how coaching is powerfully different from other management styles – rooted in a mindset that we call a ‘developmental bias.’

This presentation busts the myth that coaching is just about asking good questions, and introduces participants to the 3 core ‘plays’ a coach is constantly executing to drive performance, and the 4 skills they need to master in order to succeed.


Maintaining Team Motivation Through the Troughs
Filled with examples and ideas from Olympic athletes and other top performers, Maintaining Team Motivation

Through The Troughs is a one-hour tour of the four main drivers of motivation under pressure.

• What research tells us about resilience in a crisis.
• How the energy under negative emotion can be used to foster motivation.
• Why and how to build relationships with people even when time is tight.
• How to create line of sight to moments of meaning.

When teams face challenging times, leaders have four allies to preserve motivation and fight the tide of disillusionment. This keynote/webinar brings these allies to life with stories from a soccer captain whose team finished dead-last at the world cup, a hockey star whose team came together through unprecedented adversity, an NBA coach with a masterful
system for relationship building, an Olympic rower who attributes his team’s silver medal to a shared sense of purpose, and more.


Building resilience
Based on Dane’s wealth of experience with elite Olympic athletes and senior corporate executives, this presentation introduces practical techniques to stay resilient under pressure and recover quickly from setbacks.

When you are performing under pressure, there is an additional layer of skills required to be effective. Over the long term, success in high pressure situations hinges not just on your skills and knowledge, but also on your ability to recover, remain focused, stay energized, and show up motivated every day; in other words, your ability to be resilient.

High performance is not possible without pressure. The Building Resilience keynote introduces a personal resilience toolkit used by elite athletes to develop a relationship with stress and pressure that puts them in the driver’s seat.

• Become more mindful and aware of the choices they have under pressure.
• Carry more energy through the week by reducing wasted energy and improving the ability to recover.
• Pay attention to the right things under pressure and reduce missed information that can lead to ‘choking’

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Dane Jensen is one of the highest caliber speakers on leadership development I have ever worked with or seen.
He has a unique ability to engage and motivate a large audience of leaders for an entire day. He creates a lasting and meaningful impression and provides our staff with tangible skills for immediate use. Our staff continue to ask if we can bring Dane back for more content and dialogues!

Head of People, USGA

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