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About David McWilliams - International Economist, Journalist, Author and Broadcaster:

David McWilliams is one of Ireland's leading economic commentators and was the first economist to identify the Irish boom as nothing more than a credit bubble, warning of its collapse and the consequences for the country. His objective is to make economics as widely available and easily understandable on as many platforms as possible. He was made Young Global Leader by the WEF at Davos. His daily financial markets update, www.globalmacro360 is read by tens of thousands of his 96,000 twitter followers.

He is an economist, writer, journalist, lecturer, broadcaster and documentary maker and has written four bestsellers, presented award-winning documentaries and brought a sell-out, one-man economics stand-up show to Ireland's renowned national theatre, the Abbey. He writes two economics columns a week in the Irish newspapers.

David's founded the world's only economics and comedy festival www.kilkenomics.com. In 2013, Kilkenomics was described by the Financial Times in the following simple terms; we've been to lots of festivals and conferences, but Kilkenomics may be the best.

David teaches an online economics course, Economics without and Boundaries and, his series of animated economics videos, Punk Economics has been viewed by 500,000 people.

Once upon a time he had a real job working as an economist in the Irish Central Bank and later in the financial markets with UBS and Banque Nationale de Paris. He studied economics at Trinity College Dublin and the College of Europe in Bruges.

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What David McWilliams Talks About:

The Hostage Situation – What happens when the Fed tapers?

Stockholm Syndrome – When central bankers fall in love with financial markets.

Europe in Deflation? – The implications for policy and markets.

The British Boom – 1988 all over again?

What Global QE from Toyko to Toronto Means for You, Me and Emerging Markets.

Europe’s Periphery, Catastrophe Postponed?

Hope is Not a Strategy – Investment in a Zero Interest Rates World.

Value Investing – Why the worst of decisions are taken in the best of times.

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