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About Dr. Julie Williamson - Thought Leader on Business Strategy & Growth:

Dr. Julie Williamson is a Vice President of Strategy and Research for Karrikins Group, where she has worked with some of the world's largest companies, helping them set and execute on strategy and transformation. She is a leading voice in how organizations link together communication, design, strategy, sales, marketing and service to deliver sustainable growth. She uses both traditional and forward looking resources in her strategy and transformation work, leveraging design thinking to help client arrive at solutions that are informed by data and inspired by creativity.

Her work with Peter Sheahan on the recently released book MATTER: Create more value, move beyond the competition, and become the obvious choice highlights Julie’s commitment to working with clients to find and deliver on opportunities for growth and development.

Julie is an educator and a professional, teaching undergraduate and graduate level courses on organizational strategy, behavior, and change, and helping students connect the theoretical concepts to real-world applications. Her work with knowledge management and leadership development has been put to the test with Fortune 100 companies and stands well outside of the classroom.

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What Dr. Julie Williamson Talks About:

Building Generative Organizations – Driving Impact and Innovation
Generative organizations continuously create more impact on their customers, employees, and communities. As a result, they routinely are able to differentiate themselves and provide higher value products and services that drive more value. They are resilient in times of disruption, and they continually generate new solutions by proactively re-inventing their products, services, operating models, and even their markets. This case-study rich presentation provides examples of companies that have delivered unique impact during incredibly disruptive times. Participants will learn three ways they can think about creating a generative environment within their own organization.

Finding YOUR Edge of Disruption
Taking control of disruption and benefiting from it means finding the place where you can uniquely create the most value. How do you find that place where you can leverage the best of what you’ve delivered in the past with where the market is going – your edge of disruption? You have to commit to seeing the whole board, challenging assumptions, and choosing to be optimistic about the future. This presentation walks the audience through an entertaining and engaging process to discover their own edge of disruption, as they work to stay ahead of changes in the market and find ways to matter more in their industries.

Generative Leadership – Thriving in Turbulent Times
Legacy models of leadership are leading people to work harder and harder, but without getting more done. Generative leaders know how to reduced the noise, and do the work that really matters- how to do less better, and in doing so creating more space for their people to innovate new ways of providing value. How? Generative leaders do four things incredibly well: they co-create solutions, they focus on engagement with their teams and their customers, they visibly align themselves and their teams to higher order strategic goals, and they are change-able themselves, while creating an environment where their teams are too. As a result, their teams are able to generate more results sustainably over time. This engaging presentation will inspire people to become generative leaders in their own organizations, and provide concrete actions people can take immediately to do so.

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