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About Dr. Nicole Lipkin - Organizational Psychologist, Speaker and Author on Leadership and Managing Generational Differences:

Dr. Nicole Lipkin is an organizational psychologist, speaker and the author of What Keeps Leaders Up At Night: Recognizing and Resolving Your Most Troubling Management Issues and Y in the Workplace: Managing the 'Me First' Generation. Nicole's aim is to help organizations, leaders and their teams develop behaviors and practices that increase personal and organizational resilience and sustainability by integrating the science of human behavior with practical approaches to business and leadership challenges.

Nicole is the CEO of Equilibria Leadership Consulting, an international business/organizational solutions company based in the US that provides leadership and management development, executive assessment and executive and emerging leader coaching. She also is the owner of Equilibria Psychological and Consultation Services, a mid-sized group psychology practice located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Nicole is a sought after speaker, consultant and coach who has been retained by organizations such as Honda, Toyota, Autotrader.com, Wells Fargo, The American Society of Training and Development, Aqua America, ProObject, National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), American Academy of Osteopathic Surgeons, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), City Security and Resilience Networks (CSARN) in the UK, LatinNext and HR Academy in Brazil, Global Aware International and Tiny-G in the UK, Security Watch India (SWI), the National Retail Federation (NRF), International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), Penske Automotive Group, and The Boys and Girls Club of America. She has also been an invited presenter at a number of professional, association and corporate conferences. 

Nicole is a regular contributor to the broadcast community and has been featured on NPR, NBC, CBS, Fox Business News, Forbes.com, Entrepreneur Magazine, Arrive Magazine (Amtrak), BusinessInsider.com, New York Times Magazine and numerous other media outlets both nationally and internationally.

She received a doctorate in clinical psychology (Psy.D.), Master of Business Administration (MBA), and Master of Criminal Justice (MACJ) at Widener University. Nicole is an adjunct faculty member at the Center for Creative Leadership. She is a Board Certified Coach and also received her Advanced Certified Personal and Executive Coach Certification and Certified Professional Coach Certification through the industry-leading College of Executive Coaching. Nicole is licensed as a psychologist in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Nicole was a board member of the Independence Arts Studio and is currently an Advisory Council Member of City Security and Resilience Networks (CSARN) in England and a board member of Fearless Athletics.

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What Dr. Nicole Lipkin Talks About:

The Science of Leadership Success: 3 Factors That Propel Us Forward (Or Hold Us Back)
Want to understand what makes or breaks a leader? This fun, engaging keynote based on Dr. Nicole Lipkin’s book, What Keeps Leaders Up At Night, sheds light on the neuroscience and psychology that underscores successful leadership. You will learn the root causes that make or break our ability to bring out the best in ourselves and in others, and the oft-ignored core factors that influence our impact as leaders. 

  • Insight into the three proven factors that contribute to success or derailment 
  • Understand the influence that technology and stress have on leadership impact
  • Learn to counteract biased thinking and resistance to change
  • Discover the tricks that the mind plays on every leader that can be harnessed to help versus hinder
Leading To Engage: Creating Cultures Where People Thrive
The 2008 mantra of “Do More with Less and Be Thankful You Have a Job|” has been shattered by the influx of millennials in the workforce.  Just as the concrete labor statistics and demographics have changed, so have the motivations, expectations and attitudes of the employees comprising them. Engagement (and disengagement) is the product of a leadership mindset that has the opportunity to make people thrive or sink. Learn the mindset to counteract the deflators of engagement and retention before they act on your bottom line. 
  • Develop a strategy to mitigate the two most common and preventable deflators of engagement
  • Learn the cost of engagement and disengagement to your organization
  • Gain insight into low and no-cost strategies to enhance engagement and retention
  • Apply the SLAM! Model to create a highly engaged, sticky culture that retains the best of the best
Re-Generation In The Workplace: Leading and Managing Different Generations In The Workplace 
Motivating a 25 year old is very different than motivating a 35 year old and completely different than motivating employees in their 40’s and 50’s. Trust, Loyalty, Commitment, and Client relationships all mean different things to different generations. Or does it? As a leading expert on generational research and management and the co-author of Y in the Workplace: Managing the “Me First” Generation, Dr. Lipkin will weed through fiction to get to the facts on how to harness individual and collective strengths, regardless of generation. 
  • Get people to talk instead of walk 
  • Learn the science behind what truly motivates people in the workplace and keeps them happy
  • How to create a highly engaged, sticky culture that retains the best of the best
  • Apply the SLAM! Model to your leadership and culture approach to create a company where all generations want to work together
Engaging and Retaining the Millennial Employee and Customer 
Customer and employee expectations have shifted and so has the demographic of people buying your products and working for you. What worked for male baby boomers has never worked for women and certainly isn’t working for the Millennials.  Traditional ways of selling and managing need to shift; those that recognize the hows and whys will gain a strong competitive advantage in customer/employee engagement.
  • Gain insight into shifting consumer and employee preferences across generations
  • Learn the three steps to counteract employee and consumer disengagement
  • Apply the principles of persuasion and influence to manage customer and employee retention 
  • Apply the SLAM! strategy to create a highly engaged, sticky culture that retains the best of the best
The Emotionally Intelligent Leader
Emotional Intelligence (EI) is what differentiates an average leader from an outstanding leader. Research from UCLA has indicated that only 7% of leadership success is attributed to intellect and technical skill while the rest is attributed to the core components of EI. Working from a place of emotional intelligence enhances productivity, performance, innovation and contagious positive culture. Most importantly, EI is the backbone of leadership excellence. 
  • Learn the core elements of emotionally intelligent leadership to retain and engage your top talent;
  • Develop self-awareness and self-management to effect both personal and professional development; and
  • Pinpoint behaviors and thinking styles that enhance leadership effectiveness.

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 Recent Publications

Dr. Lipkin has spoken to our organization on multiple occasions. Each time, we receive rave reviews from our leaders regarding her ability to engage participants and provide meaningful & insightful information designed to help our leaders and workforce. It is a joy to work with Dr. Lipkin, she is extremely professional, witty & incredibly knowledgeable.

Linda Skorb Senior Director, Sales Strategy & Initiatives, AutoTrader.com

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